Jorge Masvidal Unconvinced Of Losing The Match Against Nate Diaz

Jorge Masvidal shares his thoughts on losing a close fight to Nate Diaz.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal Unconvinced Of Losing The Match Against Nate Diaz
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Jorge Masvidal spent a considerable amount of time sharpening his boxing skills. His performance against Nate Diaz reflected his commitment and hard work. Masvidal looked like a professional boxer competing for a long time in the boxing realm.

It didn’t look like a boxing debut. It was a very competitive fight, but 10 rounds later, the judges declared Nate Diaz the winner by majority decision.

Jorge Masvidal advocates against it; he felt he was done unjustly and blamed the judges.

Masvidal isn’t interested in returning to the MMA world, he wants to continue competing as a boxer.

Jorge Masvidal on the final outcome

During the post-fight press conference, Jorge Masvidal explains why he felt he won the match.

“I definitely know the judges were influenced by the crowd,” Masvidal said, as quoted by “A lot of those shots were landing in the corner. I was just getting my timing down – throw three, four shots that wouldn’t land, and then I’d throw a good power shot.

I’d see that I hurt him or back him up, or he’d start goofing around. I hurt him to the body numerous times. I think one of the judges only gave me two rounds, and there’s just no way. From what I saw, I definitely hurt him way more than he ever hurt me, I got way cleaner shots, especially to the body.

He never even did anything to my body. I definitely hurt his body. A couple times I hurt him, he backed up. He put a lot of pressure and was coming forward, but he never hurt me. I don’t think he landed any meaningful punches.

Eight (rounds) to two is * nuts”.

Jorge Masvidal on returning back to MMA

“Definitely boxing. I guess call me a sore loser, but I’d want to do boxing, but definitely I want to do boxing over everything. Do it again”.

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