Nakisa Bidarian Confident Jake Paul vs Logan Paul Fight Will Happen

Nakisa Bidarian explains how Jake Paul vs Logan Paul could happen in the near future.

by Aryan Lakhani
Nakisa Bidarian Confident Jake Paul vs Logan Paul Fight Will Happen
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Ever since Mike Tyson was forced to withdraw from his fight with Jake Paul, many back up options were considered to save the event on 20th July. Interestingly, Nakisa Bidarian confirmed that Logan Paul was one of them. A discussion to secure a fight between the Paul brothers has always been there and it was a few steps away from materializing but the limited time frame prevented the two brothers from locking horns for a professional boxing bout.

However, Nakisa Bidarian is confident of seeing it happen in the near future.

Nakisa Bidarian on Jake Paul vs Logan Paul

Recently on The MMA Hour, Nakisa Bidarian shared his thoughts on the possibility of Jake Paul vs Logan Paul.

“We said to Netflix, we could get the two of them to agree to do it on July 20th on Netflix,” Bidarian said, as quoted by “I think Netflix saw it as a phenomenal, massive event, with not enough run-up [time] to do it the right way.

They have the utmost love for each other, but there is a competitive nature between them, absolutely, this is an older brother, younger brother dynamic always, right? And I do believe you’ll see that fight at some point.

And there is not one ounce of wrestling [manufactured drama] in it. It is 100 percent real”.

Nakisa Bidarian on the scalability of the event

“That feels like a massive global event no matter what, because it’s two brothers putting it all on the line, So I think it’s a great event no matter [what platform it’s on]”.

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