Ko in 7 seconds: scandal or power?

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Ko in 7 seconds: scandal or power?

Miranda Adkins challenged the reigning champion Silver Wbc of the mini-pools, Seniesa Estrada, to win the title. Yet the match, held on July 24 in Indio, California, lasted only seven seconds. Little was enough for Estrada to definitively knock out her opponent.

A few punches and everything is over. It was the fastest and most scandalous match in women's boxing history. Mexican-born American Seniesa Carmen Estrada has been the reigning champion since 2018, since she defeated Venezuelan Debora Rengifo by technical knockout.

Since then she has successfully defended her title three times, including meeting with Adkins last Friday. In her professional career, which began in 2011, Estrada has racked up the beauty of 19 wins (including 8 per knockout) and zero defeats.

Record in women's boxing

Even Miranda Adkins, in fact, until Friday evening was undefeated in official meetings. Except she wasn't supposed to be fighting Estrada. The champion should have been challenged by Mexican boxer Jacky Calvo, who was forced to give up the match because of an injury.

And so it was quickly replaced by Adkins, who evidently did not arrive at the appointment in the best of form. Thus remedying a fool in the world and giving a prestigious record to Seniesa Estrada, who made the fastest knockout in the history of women's boxing.

As for the guinness book of records, however, Estrada (for now) will have to put her heart in peace: the fastest knockout ever is that of boxer Mike Collins: in 1947, in the Golden Gloves tournament in Minneapolis, he demolished the opponent Pat Brownson in just four seconds.

Meanwhile speculations have become reality. Mike Tyson, 54 years-old, will come back on the ring. The boxing champion will challenge Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match, an eight-round preparatory match. Iron Mike had hinted at his come back a few months ago when in a short video posted on his Instagram profile he was seen during a training session with his coach.

At the end of the video he turns to the camera and growls at the lens: "I'm back" His last match dates back to 2005. Former boxer and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who came back in auge after declaring he wanted come back to fight exhibition matches, during some interviews released revealed that if he could fight against any boxer in history, he would surely have chosen and faced Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson retired in 2005, after losing by technical knockout to Kevin McBride, with a professional record of 50 wins and 6 defeats with 44 knockouts. Now the 53 year old appears in perfect shape, ready to return to the ring. During the various interviews, Iron Mike said that if he could choose to fight against any boxer in history, he would certainly have chosen Mayweather, facing him in a dirty way because according to Tyson you cannot beat Money in a clean way.