Demetrious Johnson believes boxing is more exciting than MMA

Demetrious Johnson finds boxing more exciting than MMA, he recently took the time to justify his statement.

by Aryan Lakhani
Demetrious Johnson believes boxing is more exciting than MMA
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Demetrious Johnson shares an uncommon opinion, according to his recent observation of both MMA and boxing fights he felt that boxing is more “exciting”. Now some may argue with his statement and some may totally agree.

Many MMA fighters are making a switch from MMA to boxing because of the increased earning potential. They find the transition much easier and at the same time they are also getting paid more so it’s a win-win.

Demetrious Johnson compares Boxing and MMA

In a recent YouTube video, Demetroius Johnson explained why he feels boxing is more exciting than MMA.

“Right now I feel like boxing is more exciting than mixed martial arts, right?” Johnson said, as quoted by “I mean, there are points of time where mixed martial arts is having its peaks, but right now you just have Ryan Garcia vs.

Devin Haney. Ryan Garcia just popped. Then you had Francis Ngannou, who got knocked out by Anthony Joshua. Then you just had the beautiful Tyson Fury and (Oleksandr) Usyk, just beat him, became the heavyweight champion. That fight was absolutely amazing.

From Round 1 to Round 12, I was at the edge of my seat”.

Demetrious Johnson