Anderson Silva’s coach predicts a knockout win against Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva’s coach shares his thoughts on Silva's third clash with Chael Sonnen.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anderson Silva’s coach predicts a knockout win against Chael Sonnen
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Anderson Silva’s fight announcement sparked a huge debate in the MMA community; he will be fighting his old rival, Chael Sonnen, on 15th June in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their boxing clash is scheduled for 5 two minute rounds.

It not a professional but an exhibition bout. Anderson Silva’s coach, Dorea, is confident in his fighting skills and can foresee Silva knocking out Sonnen on 15th June and updating their rivalry record to 3-0. Chael Sonnen lost twice in his previous encounter with Anderson Silva in UFC; it will be interesting to see if he changes history in less than a few weeks.

Dorea on Anderson Silva

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Dorea shed some light on Anderson Silva’s current training regime and explained how he thinks Silva will beat Chael Sonnen again.

“He’s a MMA athlete so he’s a complete athlete,” Dorea said, as quoted by “He’s experienced. Even though his background isn’t boxing, he can throw punches and defend himself, has good timing and distance and experience, so we can’t underestimate him.

Sonnen deserves respect for everything he’s done in the sport, and Anderson is very professional in how he’s approaching this match, because he wants to deliver a big show for the fans”.

Dorea predicts Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

“His condition is above normal, His age doesn’t reflect the reality.

He’s 49 but looks 10, 15 years younger. The way he moves, his notion of time and distance and how fast he learns, his reflexes. You’ll see that on June 15. I always say the knockout is the consequence of good hands that connect, and Anderson is ready to connect and go for the knockout.

I believe Sonnen is taking care of himself, because Anderson is coming in his best shape and motivated to fight in Brazil”.