Ben Askren can’t comprehend Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen’s boxing match: “Why”

Ben Askren shares his thoughts on Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen’s boxing match.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ben Askren can’t comprehend Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen’s boxing match: “Why”
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Ben Askren is a little perplexed about Anderson Silva announcing a boxing trilogy fight with Chael Sonnen. Apart from Ben Askren, many fans and professionals are wondering why Anderson Silva chose Chael Sonnen for perhaps his final match.

Chael Sonnen has already lost twice against Anderson Silva in the UFC. Ben Askren believes it could be a one-sided match favouring Anderson Silva because of his experience in boxing. Their boxing clash is scheduled to take place on 15th June.

Ben Askren on Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

Recently on Funky and The Champ, Ben Askren explained why he’s quite baffled to see Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen announced for a boxing bout.

“Chael, I love you, I don’t know why you’re boxing,” Askren said, as quoted by “At least when I took my boxing fight, I thought [Jake Paul] sucked. Like, I thought he was really bad.

Unfortunately for me, he’s not all that bad, and he’s kind of continued to be a boxer and win boxing matches. I really don’t know why Chael’s doing it. Anderson is a very good striker, he’s actually had multiple boxing matches.

He did lose to Jake Paul, but he beat Julio Cesar Chavez [Jr.] — Darren Till is fighting him [at Paul vs. Tyson on July 20] — so I don’t know why [he’s boxing]”.

Ben Askren wishes them well

“They both gotta be now, late 40s, and they’re boxing? I just, I don’t know,” Askren said.

“Listen, I am ‘Team Choose Your Own Life,’ do what you want, I’m not going to tell people what to do. But I don’t know. I guess we all have that competitive instinct in us, and we always want to live that out, but I don’t know if boxing is the best way to do it.

I hope he does great”.

Ben Askren