Jake Paul and Mike Tyson exchange heated moments: “Mike will be put to sleep”

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson's 2nd press conference wasn't very friendly.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul and Mike Tyson exchange heated moments: “Mike will be put to sleep”
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Jake Paul and Mike Tyson squared off again in the second press conference. However, this time, the conversation was drastically different than the last one. Both fighters were trash-talking about each other; the friendliness that was seen in the 1st press conference was totally absent in this one.

Mike Tyson explained how Jake Paul stands no chance against him, and in response, Jake Paul leaned on his ‘power’ and defended himself by saying that on July 20, Mike Tyson would feel his power.

Mike Tyson on Jake Paul

During the recent press conference, Mike Tyson and Jake Paul were no more cordial.

They unleashed their bitter side against each other. “I don’t know if he’s in his prime. He’s fat,” Tyson said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. "He should be lean and mean. He’s fat and funky. I saw him with his shirt off the other day, he’s fat.

Did you start training already? He couldn’t even knock out [Nate] Diaz,[Nate] Diaz is 40 pounds. He’s going to knock me out? Anderson Silva, he couldn’t even knock out the little guys? How’s he going to knock me out? Who did he knock out? Little children.

He never knocked out a real man, come on. He didn’t knock out Tommy Fury. I’m going to * Jake up. How am I going to lose if he couldn’t beat Tommy Fury?”.

Jake Paul’s response to Mike Tyson

“Look, he’s right.

I can’t stand here and say I did those things but what I promise to the people on July 20, Mike will be put to sleep and he will feel my power,” Paul said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I will go down as the man who put Tyson to sleep for the last time.

I respect Mike, he’s a legend, but it’s time, it’s my time now. There’s a reason why I have the same birthday as Cus D’Amato, because I’m going to teach you how to *box, Mike”.

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