Tyson Fury explains why he’s out of shape against some opponents: “It’s hard for me”

Tyson Fury is motivated only against certain opponents.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tyson Fury explains why he’s out of shape against some opponents: “It’s hard for me”
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The heavyweight champion Tyson Fury admits that he lacks the motivation to train intensely against certain opponents. One name worth highlighting mentioned by Tyson Fury is Francis Ngannou. According to his explanation, he doesn’t feel the urge to go all in against opponents who he thinks are easy to box against.

However, against challenging opponents, Tyson Fury naturally feels more inclined to train, which is why he looks out of shape in some fights and perfectly fit in others.

Tyson Fury on his training

In a recent interview, Tyson Fury explained why he looks in great shape in some fights and out of shape in others.

“When I have a good dance partner, I can have a bit of training properly and then have a good fight," Fury said as quoted by boxingnews24.com. "It’s hard for me to get up for people I don’t really rate, If you put the average men in front of me like the Chisoras and Dillian Whyte and Francis Ngannou, I’m not getting turned on.

I’m definitely turned on for this one. You put me at the top of the world on a Las Vegas stage, and I look good. I always do,”

Tyson Fury on Oleksandr Usyk

“I don’t think their [Wilder and Wladimir Klitschko] credentials match up to Oleksandr’s.

I’m giving him the respect as a boxer. He came from a poor background and become a multi-millionaire in boxing like myself, and here we are, battling it out for all the marbles on Saturday night,”

Tyson Fury