Haney after the doping scandal: I dont see myself in the ring with him again (Garcia)

VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) announced that Garcia "failed" two doping tests on two different substances, and Haney never wants to enter the ring with a "cheat" again

by Sededin Dedovic
Haney after the doping scandal: I dont see myself in the ring with him again (Garcia)
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After Ryan Garcia celebrated his biggest victory of his career over Devin Haney, his rise in the boxing world seemed to continue from strength to strength. However, the sudden news about the doping tests cast a shadow of doubt on that victory and questioned his professionalism and integrity.

Mike Coppinger, an ESPN reporter, shocked the public by announcing the results of anti-doping tests that showed that Ryan Garcia tested positive for doping. Tests were performed the day before the fight and on the day of the fight against Haney, and they revealed the presence of ostarine (enobosarme), a substance on the WADA banned list.

In addition to ostarine, Garcia also allegedly had the presence of 19-norandrosterone, a metabolite of nandrolone and bolandione, which is also banned in professional sports. Coppinger emphasized that the presence of 19-norandrosterone has not yet been officially confirmed, but that ostarine was definitely found in Garcia's body.

This case is reminiscent of previous doping incidents in the world of boxing, such as the case of Lucian Bute in 2016 and Amir Khan in 2022. Bute tested positive for ostarine after a bout with Badou Jack, which resulted in the match being overturned in Jack's favor, while Khan received a two-year ban after testing positive for the same substance.

The question now is what the consequences will be for Garcia. Given the positive results of the doping tests, he will probably be stripped of the victory over Haney, and it is possible that he will be suspended. However, there is a possibility that the results of the B sample will be different from the A sample, although such cases are rare.

The development comes in relief for Devin Haney, who suffered his first professional loss against Garcia. Although that loss is now in question, Haney can expect it to be erased from his professional record. Shortly after the announcement of the doping results, Haney spoke out and expressed his disappointment with Garcia's actions, stressing the importance of a clean and fair fight.

Devin Haney (gray trunks) walks back to his corner during their WBC Super Lightweight title bout against Ryan Garcia at Barclays© Al Bello / Getty Images

"We recently found out about this situation and it's a shame that Ryan cheated and disrespected the fans and boxing as a sport by fighting dirty and testing positive for doping twice.

I have always been a supporter of clean and fair fighting, and this is a true example of that. Ryan owes his fans an apology, and judging by his latest 'tweet', he still thinks this is a joke. We put our lives on the line to entertain people.

Boxing is not a game. This creates a completely different picture in terms of combat. Despite being subordinated, I still fought to the end. People die in this sport and this is no joke,'' Haney said in his official statement. Garcia, on the other hand, seems to be taking the situation less seriously.

His sarcastic tweets suggest that he does not understand the seriousness of the situation and the actions he has taken. In one of the more serious reviews, Garcia even questions why he agreed to voluntary testing if he knew he was consuming illegal substances.

Maybe the test results were not known before the match itself, but that does not lessen Garcia's responsibility for his actions. His behavior not only calls into question the outcome of his fights, but also the integrity of the entire sport.

Boxing is a sport in which participants fight with their bodies and souls, therefore respect for the rules and fair play are of crucial importance. This case also raises the issue of doping control in professional boxing. Although the tests seem to have become more advanced, there are still loopholes that allow athletes to break the rules.

Perhaps it is time to take stricter and more effective steps to ensure a clean and fair fight for all involved. Garcia told himself with characteristic posts on social networks that he is not guilty but that he is being "set up" while the Golden Boy promotion of which Garcia is a member announced that their protégé is not guilty and that it is up to the WBC and the New York State Athletic Commission to they investigate things in more detail.

"During the preparation for the fight, I saw a couple of interesting things about him. His character was revealed, the man cheated and we saw what kind of person he is," a disappointed Haney told BoxingScene and continued: "I don't see myself in the ring with him anymore.

I'm a fighter talking to you emotionally now, never say never. That's just how I feel now and I'm not interested in that option anymore."