Francois Botha on his career

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Francois Botha on his career

Francois "Frans" Botha a famous South African former professional boxer and kickboxer who competed from 1990 to 2014, and is perhaps best known for winning the IBF heavyweight title against Axel Schulz in 1995 talked to Peter Maniatis about his matches and career and about famous boxers On Axel Schulz “When I boxed Axel Schulz (for the IBF heavyweight title) I went into the fight with an injury to my right arm and I was using some medical prescriptions which had steroids and they got me”.

(Botha won by split decision, but was later stripped of IBF title for failing the drug test)." , as quoted by fight news He talked about Mike Tyson: “It was a great moment in my career when I boxed Mike Tyson.

I knew I could beat him but the punch that he landed on me, Tiger Woods could not hit the golf ball better. (Botha won all the rounds on two judges cards at time of stoppage in round five.)" On Wladimir Klitschko “You will have to wait until the movie about the “White Buffalo” to come out about what happened when I boxed Klitschko.

If I fought Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis on the same night I fought Klitschko they probably would have stopped me in one round. It took him eight or nine rounds to get rid of me and I was a dead man. Right from the get-go I still got proof of everything.

It was a big story. I wanted to pull out of the fight because of my illness. They would have sued me big money It will come out in the movie ‘White Buffalo.’”

Who was the best boxer in his opinion

“The best fighter I boxed was Mike Tyson.

We were friends and in the same camp for about five or six years. Mike always wanted to spar me but I said to him – do you think I want to give up my payday – once you spar me you will not want to fight me. At the end of the day we did meet and it was a great event.

It is a fight I easily could have won. He has got the power and could knock you out in the last round. As I said, the punch he landed – Tiger Woods couldn’t land a golf ball better." On his upcoming movie "The movie the “White Buffalo” will be by Momentum pictures in Los Angeles and the budget I understand has been approved.

I don’t know when they are going to start making the movie. Jeff Bridges will be starring. When I was younger I looked like Jeff Bridges. It’s going to be a good movie. It’s going to be the real life story of the ‘White Baffalo.’”