Jose Aldo eyes a spot on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight card

Jose Aldo talks about his plans after making a comeback at UFC 301.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jose Aldo eyes a spot on Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight card
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Jose Aldo will finally make his UFC return on 4th May at UFC 301 against Jonathan Martinez. Prior to the long-awaited comeback, Jose Aldo made some noise in the boxing realm and participated in a few matches. Interestingly, Jose Aldo looks forward to featuring on the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight card after he’s done with his UFC return.

Jose Aldo on UFC return

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Jose Aldo spoke about his future plans.

“That’s basically what I told the UFC a couple months ago: I want to do this fight, see where I’m at, see how I do, see how I perform and then I can make a decision,” Aldo said, as quoted by

“I’m looking at maybe a big boxing fight maybe somewhere down the line later this year. But we’ll revisit that with the UFC once this fight is done with Jonathan Martinez”.

Jose Aldo on the Floyd Mayweather fight and plans after UFC 301

“That fight with Floyd Mayweather was basically all set and done.

Ali (Abdelaziz) was the one that was negotiating that and I don’t really know what happened and it ended up not panning out for us to fight in Saudi Arabia. But there’s a big event on Netflix later this year (with Jake Paul vs.

Mike Tyson), and hopefully, I can get on that. But we’ll have to see. There’s a lot of options floating”.

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