Ryan Garcia’s mental health issues exposed as pre-fight hype tactic: “I was acting”

Ryan Garcia reveals that the mental breakdowns were nothing but an act. However, the drinking claims were real.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia’s mental health issues exposed as pre-fight hype tactic: “I was acting”
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In this modern era, it is very easy to get manipulated. Ryan Garcia played the role of a manipulator for quite some time with the sole motive of promoting his fight with Devin Haney. Ryan was unusually more vocal on Twitter and had the entire world thinking that he was suffering from severe mental health complications.

It was nothing but just an act to promote the fight. Ryan Garcia admitted this himself on the PBD podcast. Extreme measures are taken just for the sake of entertaining the crowd and while it may be entertaining, the real question to ask is, was it an ethical act? Make fans dear readers, don’t be one.

Ryan Garcia on faking his mental health problems

“We have it pre-recorded, months ago,” Garcia said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“What’d I say was gonna happen? I said, ‘I’m about to make sure everybody thinks I’m gonna go crazy. I’mma do this, I’mma do that.’ Watch, it’s gonna be called the ‘great escape.’ Like, I have it all documented.

I was already planning it weeks and months behind. I don’t know what made me come up with the idea, honestly. One day I just decided to just go all in, and just commit to the plan that I had, and I was not gonna budge for nobody.

I was acting like, sporadic. Like just crazy. Faces, I would do this with my nose (scrunch), and then I’d be like, ‘It’s just a tick.’ I had everything”.

Ryan Garcia on drinking before the fight

“What was real though is at times I did drink a little bit during camp.

Because I like to drink,”

Ryan Garcia