Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang Seek Redemption in Riyadh

Zhang sent a simple message to Wilder today ahead of their big fight on June 1: "Bang, Bang, Bang."

by Sededin Dedovic
Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang Seek Redemption in Riyadh
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The tall Chinese boxer, Zhilei 'Big Bang' Zhang, should return to the ring against the former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, who has not been giving the fights we are used to from him lately. Zhang's last fight was on March 8 in Saudi Arabia against Joseph Parker for the interim WBO world title.

Despite knocking Parker down multiple times in that match, he lost by majority decision. Wilder also suffered a decision loss to Parker in his last fight in December last year. Therefore, both fighters enter this match with a defeat from the last match and that against the same opponent.

Their showdown will take place in Riyadh, at the Kingdom Arena on June 1, as part of the big event 'Matchroom vs Queensberry: 5v5' In an interview with Boxing Social, Zhang expressed his good mood and stated that preparations are going well.

He reflected on his loss to Parker, saying: "There are two things I have to change. The first thing is my mind during the fight, I need to calm down a bit more. And the other thing is my weight, I need to lose some weight, but my punching power is still there," Zhang said.

Zhilei Zhang looks on during the 5v5 press conference ahead of his fight against Deontay Wilder in the Artur Beterbiev and Dmitr© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

He expressed great respect for his Deontay Wilder, but also announced that he does not plan for this fight to be decided by the referee's decision, which tells us that we will see a very aggressive match, which of course we all wish for.

"He (Wilder) says this is his last chance, he's dangerous and he wants to continue his career, he wants to knock me out so I have to have my full attention. As for my plan, I'm not going to let the judges decide the winner." As we have already said, in the last match both fighters experienced a defeat against the same opponent, and Parker seems not to have gotten over that defeat yet and hopes for a rematch after a possible victory over Wilder.

"Yeah, that's definitely on the table. If I beat Wilder, I'd love to have a rematch with Parker." Zhang also shared his prediction for the heavyweight unification fight between Tyson Fury and Alexander Usyk, saying: 'I think Tyson will win even though Usyk is very difficult to catch because he is extremely fast and unpredictable.

But I still think that Tyson will manage to win. It is also possible that Usyk wins that fight, but the chances are small." When asked if he had a message for Wilder, Zhang simply replied, "Bang, bang, bang," among other things, without the need for an interpreter to convey his clear message.

This message promises us an open and attractive match.

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The last chance of the 'Bronze Bomber'

Fighting Zhang in a high-stakes bout gives Wilder a chance to re-establish himself high in the heavyweight elite and regain his reputation as one of the most brutal knockouts.

After their confrontation, Wilder gave an emotional and very extensive answer and emphasized that the upcoming fight is of great personal importance to him because he is currently going through a difficult period. "I lost my love and passion and hunger for this business for a lot of different reasons.

But now I have an opportunity where I work with people I love. It's amazing to be among people who appreciate what we do here, who see in front of them. What we do is not no easy task – boxing: it's no longer a sport, it's strictly a business and we risk our lives for your entertainment.'

' He was especially emotional when he talked about how he had nothing left to lose because he had already lost the closest people in his life. He himself admitted that this might be his last "big chance" in life. "This time there is no playing, I have nothing to lose this time.

I feel that I have already lost a lot in my life, even some people who were closest to me. Therefore, I feel that I have nothing left to lose, only to gain. I feel that desire again in my heart, that hunger, that monster. That beast is coming back.

All that pain I've been dealing with for the last few years is coming back and you'll see on fight night what I'm talking about. Good luck everyone.' '

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