Ryan Garcia before tonight's fight: I will knock him out and everyone will enjoy it

Garcia has a match against the undefeated Haney in a few hours, and since he didn't pass the scale, he won't be able to win the belt even if he wins

by Sededin Dedovic
Ryan Garcia before tonight's fight: I will knock him out and everyone will enjoy it
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Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney were scheduled to clash in the early hours of Sunday morning in a boxing spectacle in New York. Unfortunately, this match was briefly called into question after the official weigh-in. Ryan Garcia did not successfully pass the weigh-in, but the match will still take place but with certain "conditions".

The cap for their bout is 140 pounds, which is the cap for the super lightweight division. Devin Haney suspected that Garcia would show up overweight at the weigh-in, and that's exactly what happened. Although Garcia announced his incredible physical fitness a month ago and said he would definitely pass the weigh-in, he was still very close to successfully passing the weigh-in.

Ryan Garcia in action during a media workout at World Class Boxing Gym on April 09, 2024 in Dallas, Texas© Sam Hodde / Getty Images

Ryan Garcia tipped the scales at 143.2 pounds, exceeding the agreed-upon upper limit for their bout by 3.2 pounds.

Negotiations followed as to whether the match would continue at all, but news soon arrived that the fight would not be cancelled. Haney agreed to fight Garcia, but there were some interesting details. Garcia will fight, but in the event of a victory over Hani, Ryan Garcia will not win the WBC super lightweight belt.

The rules are clear, and boxers who do not meet the prescribed weight simply do not have a chance to fight for the belt in that match. Thus, Haney will remain the champion regardless of the outcome of the match, and Garcia's weight loss will earn him an additional $1.5 million.

Haney has practically nothing to lose in this match, except that he could lose his reputation and credibility if he loses. If you also have a guaranteed $1.5 million regardless of the outcome of the match, that's a very good "deal".

That was the deal the boxers made a few days ago at a press conference. It all started with a debate between Ryan Garcia and Devin's father, Bill Haney. Garcia himself sought a bet with Haney's father. "Let's bet $500,000," Garcia said in response to accusations that he would be overweight at the weigh-in, to which Bill replied: "Okay, we have a bet.

If you miss weight, you owe $500,000," to which Garcia also responded that they agreed and the bet was valid in the press conference. Then Devin Haney chimed in, offering a slight change in the terms of the bet. "$500,000 for every pound (0.45 kg) over the limit.

Hey Ryan. Let's settle on $500,000 for every pound over the limit," Devin said and Ryan agreed. Ryan Garcia should pay Devin Haney $1.5 million for going over the limit by 3.2 pounds. According to Devin Haney, Garcia has agreed to honor the deal and will pay him this significant sum of money.

However, Garcia has no chance of winning the belt, he has to give his opponent money, and besides, if he loses this match, it will be a real disaster.

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia face-off at The Empire State Building on April 16, 2024 in New York City© Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

The question arises as to why Garcia agreed to the bet, because he must have known that he was well over the limit and that reaching the prescribed weight would not be achievable.

It's not a minor offense, but Ryan Garcia is someone who doesn't surprise with moves like this. Ryan Garcia quickly assessed the situation. Ryan doesn't seem too concerned about his lack of discipline and losing a huge amount of money, as he posted a rather tasteless comment on Twitter that we won't publish due to inappropriate language, but you can definitely see it on his X profile.

It is also interesting to mention that Ryan Garcia drank beer at the press conference, and today he commented on the stories about weight gain for DAZN. "Enough with that funny talk. Tomorrow we have a fight. I've done my best to make a satisfactory weight.

I've been through hell and at the end of the day I'm the better fighter here. I'm going to knock him out and everybody's going to enjoy it," Garcia said. His opponent shared the opinion that he had a hunch that Garcia would not pass the scale.

"He's very unprofessional. I told him yesterday that his spats are going to cost him. This is just the beginning, tomorrow the whole world will see that I'm a couple of levels above this average fighter," Haney replied. Ringwalks for Haney vs.

Garcia are scheduled for 11 p.m. ET / 4 a.m. UK with the event set to begin at 8 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. UK. These timings could change due to the length of the undercard fights. The biggest news is that the fight will go on, and how much Garcia's extra pounds will affect him against the undefeated Haney remains to be seen tonight.

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