The Next Big Thing Jared Anderson: I would beat Wilder easily

America's most promising heavyweight calls out Deontay Wilder: 'I'd be ready for that match tomorrow, he can't beat me'

by Sededin Dedovic
The Next Big Thing Jared Anderson: I would beat Wilder easily
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American boxing throughout history has produced many greats in the heavyweight division. There are a large number of the greatest heavyweights in history who come from the USA, but the Americans currently do not have a heavyweight world champion.

Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Mike Tyson are some of the biggest names in boxing of all time, but why can't a dominant heavyweight appear in recent years, even though boxing is very popular in the USA. Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk holds three belts in his possession (IBF, WBO, WBA), and the WBC belt is currently held by English heavyweight Tyson Fury.

Deontay Wilder is the last heavyweight world champion to come from the USA, but his era was quite short and in recent years he fell into a slight crisis of results. The question is who could be the next big name from the USA, and 24-year-old Jared Anderson currently acts as the most promising American heavyweight and potential world champion in the future.

Jared Anderson, born in 1999 in Toledo, Ohio, USA, already showed talent for boxing at a young age. He won the title of US National Champion in 2017 and 2018, and in 2019 he moved to professional waters. So far, Anderson is undefeated in 16 fights, 15 of which he finished by knockout.

His strength and precision in his punches have attracted the attention of the boxing scene, and many consider him one of the most promising young boxers in the heavyweight category.

Jared Anderson of the United States takes the ring before the bout against George Arias of the Dominican Republic during their W© Elsa / Getty Images

Anderson is under the management of the promotional company Top Rank, with which he signed a contract in 2019.

His manager is the famous boxing promoter Bob Arum, who has managed the careers of some of the biggest names in boxing history. His talent and potential are recognized on the international stage, which is also evident through his positioning among the best heavyweights according to different boxing organizations.

The WBO ranks him fourth in the heavyweight division, while the WBC and IBF rank Anderson fifth. He is ranked the lowest in the WBA heavyweight rankings, currently sitting at No. 13. He recently announced his next bout which will take place this weekend, where he will face Ryad Merhy, an experienced Belgian boxer from the Ivory Coast.

Merhy, with his record of 32 wins, 2 losses and 0 draws, poses a challenge for Anderson. Still, Anderson enters this bout as the favorite, taking into account his impressive streak and growing reputation in the boxing world.

Jared Anderson, left, punches, Miljan Rovcanin, right, during their Heavyweight fight at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa on Augus© Ian Maule / Getty Images

If Jared is destined for the very top, Merhy is still the opponent that Anderson would have to defeat, and the most promising American heavyweight is aware of that.

Namely, Jared is already looking towards the next challenges, and he mentioned his compatriot, Deontay Wilder, as the desired opponent. "I feel that I am climbing very well. My plan is to keep the money working for me even after my boxing career.

I am very focused on the business side. I want to work without having to do physical work. The plan is to make as much money as possible,'' Anderson began in a conversation with Boxing Scene, then addressed a potential matchup with Wilder.

"I would be ready for that match tomorrow. I respect Deontay and I think he has an awesome shot. But he cannot defeat me and I will stop there. I am a far more versatile boxer and I would defeat him convincingly,'' said a confident Anderson.

The fact is that Anderson is currently on an upward trajectory, while Wilder has left his best boxing days behind him. However, Wilder can settle almost any fight with one punch, and Jared Anderson has not fought a boxer of Wilder's level.

But before he can think about a potential matchup with Wilder, Anderson needs to achieve success against Merhy, which could open the door to even greater opportunities and challenges in the heavyweight world. As Anderson continues his journey to the top of the heavyweight division, his matchup against Merhy will be a crucial step along the way.

Although Anderson is the favorite and very confident, he will have to wait for the next match to finish and then plan what to do next. The Anderson vs. Wilder match would be very interesting, and that victory would mark a turning point in the young American's career.

It would be interesting if the "Bronze Bomber" himself spoke out about these allegations by Anderson, but that is unlikely because Wilder is now on a slight decline in his career and needs a win against a big name. A fighter like Anderson, although with a perfect score of 16 out of 16 and very promising, is not profitable enough in terms of marketing for the renowned fighter Wilder.

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