Joe Joyce wants a WBC title

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Joe Joyce wants a WBC title

Sam Jones, manager of Joe Joyce, says Joe will aim for the Tyson Furry Championship. He will soon face Wallisch and then Dubois "Hopefully he gets a world title fight but the belts will be occupied for at least a year if we are being realistic"- as quoted by sky sports "But Joe is prepared to fight anybody.

The top two are Joshua and Fury and whoever has a belt, Joe will fight them." "I think Joe's preference would be Fury. It would be a privilege to share the ring with AJ or Fury but, stylistically, he would prefer Fury."

"This fight is about knocking the cobwebs off, then knocking Dubois out in October, and silencing the doubters," Jones said. "It's a 10-round fight and a huge opportunity for Wallisch. If this can't motivate him, he's in the wrong sport.

He's very strong and game, and has only lost to Tony Yoka, Efe Ajagba and Christian Hammer. We expect it to go a few rounds then, when Joe sees an opportunity, he will get him out of there." "Joe has had a frustrating 12 months.

He was scheduled to fight Marco Huck in Germany and was on fire, but Huck pulled out. We spent a lot of money on a training camp in Las Vegas but had a fight cancelled because of the pandemic." "We're sick of talking about Dubois."

"Dubois has beaten nobody amateur or professional. He has never been in a hard fight. Joe has been performing at the highest level for six years. "We fully expect Joe to stop Dubois."


Dubois will soon be fighting Pfeiffer where he will want to win at all costs.

Jones still hopes that Dubois will win and that if he focuses on the match, it would not be strange for him to win. "Dubois hasn't got an easy fight," Jones said. "If Pfeifer takes this seriously, it is definitely Dubois' hardest fight.

"He has beaten Tony Yoka twice in the amateurs. "I really hope Dubois gets the job done. It wouldn't shock me [if there was an upset]. "Dubois hasn't beaten anybody, he hasn't fought anybody, he hasn't done anything!

He has had everything given to him." "If Pfeifer can weather an early onslaught, then Dubois is not built to go 12 rounds. "I pray Dubois doesn't slip up because Joe wants to be the man to take that scalp."