Ryan Garcia confident of a victory: “I’m going to prove everybody wrong”

Ryan Garcia shares his thoughts on Devin Haney's knockout prediction.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia confident of a victory: “I’m going to prove everybody wrong”
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Ryan Garcia’s confidence is soaring high with 10 days left for fight night. According to the current speculation, fans and boxing experts believe that Devin Haney will be successful in securing a knockout win. Ryan Garcia begs to differ; he looks forward to proving everyone wrong and promises to deliver his career-best performance.

Devin Haney is seeking to end this fight in a knockout. On 20th April, one will rise, and one will fall. In less than 10 days, we will find out if Ryan Garcia can disrupt Devin Haney’s undefeated record and shock the world.

Ryan Garcia on Devin Haney’s knockout claims

In a recent interview with ABN Sports Media, Ryan Garcia explained how he looks forward to proving everyone wrong. “I’m ready to do my job on April 20th. I’m going to handle business.

He can believe whatever he wants to believe,” Garcia said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com. “The chances of that are very low. Everybody has a chance of knocking anybody out, I feel like. That’s a crazy statement from him.

He can feel whatever way; I don’t give a * . I’m going to prove everybody wrong that Devin Haney is going to beat me. Everybody that thinks Devin Haney is going to beat me is crazy, but whatever. It feels great. I’m in shape, I’m happy.

My energy levels are great. You’re going to see the best of me".

Ryan Garcia's training clip

Ryan Garcia on winning celebration

“I’m going to go in there and handle business, destroy this dude, and start drinking after and have a good time.

Smoke it up—everything I want to do after. Watch. I’m going to light it all up. Brooklyn is going to be smelling like weed. Just count your days, brother”.

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