Teofimo Lopez: "We will do everything to organize match against Haney"

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Teofimo Lopez: "We will do everything to organize match against Haney"

Teofimo Lopez is the new big star of world boxing. He is young, charismatic, and a great boxer. After all, he purely and deservedly defeated Vasyl Lomachenko and currently holds the WBA, IBF, and WBO lightweight world titles.

More importantly, he is only 23 years old and has a great future ahead of him. And with the next match, he could become the first absolute lightweight champion since the introduction of the fourth elite title. For something like that he will have to defeat the WBC champion, a year younger Devin Haney.

As for that match, Lopez first commented that Haney failed to make an effect with his roll call, but that he was lucky to be interested in that match, primarily for the reason that he became the youngest absolute champion in boxing history.

"He has to change his behavior a little bit and his choice of statements. He's desperate. He's bad, he's very bad. That's something he has to work on. Devin is a guy who just has to agree and write a lot of things in advance, let them work on it."

"I'm capable of throwing out something good. But we will help him. In the same way, we helped Lomachenko in the announcement of the fight, we will help him," Lopez told Sky Sports, adding that he was ready for the match.

"We will do everything to organize that match. I wanted to save his career, I really did. I told him to wait three or five years, to build his way to the top. But now he has crossed the border and persuaded me to fight. Now we move on.

We want to put pressure on him. My father and I have the same attitude. We believe Devin Haney is the next for us. "

Ryan Garcia

Another serious candidate for the opponent also has a WBC belt, but a temporary one. It's about the increasingly popular Ryan Garcia, who was better than Luke Campbell in the first big match of the year.

He passed his first serious test and is now a desirable opponent for many. Of course, Lopez is thinking about him too. "People are wondering what Ryan Garcia's beard is like, and Luke Campbell has shown that the question makes sense.

He showed it that night. Garcia came back and that's what surprised everyone." "The way he came back in the match and ended it on that way. Many are very happy about it, "he added, immediately explaining that he can't say he particularly prefers one of the potential two fights.

"Look, both fights are great for me. These guys are hungry, in fact, we're all hungry. It's up to us to make matches where the best will fight the best."