Mike Tyson fires back at the criticism received: “I’m getting billions of views”

Mike Tyson shares his thoughts on fighting Jake Paul.

by Aryan Lakhani
Mike Tyson fires back at the criticism received: “I’m getting billions of views”
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Mike Tyson has been heavily criticized for accepting a fight with Jake Paul; critiques and naysayers believe this fight is damaging the image of boxing and that this matchup is nothing but a disgrace to the sport. Mike Tyson is least affected by the criticism received: he defended himself by highlighting how he’s selling out a massive arena at the age of 58.

Mike Tyson will fight Jake Paul on 20th July at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. This match will be streaming live on Netflix and will be available to everyone with an active subscription for no extra cost.

Mike Tyson on criticism received for fighting Jake Paul

In a recent interview with Reuters, Mike Tyson fired back at the criticizers and explained why he thinks Jake Paul accepted the fight with him.

“I’m 58 and what? I’m getting billions of views from just talking to somebody about fighting,” Tyson said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “Everybody, even most of the athletes, they’re jealous, that’s whack...

I say in your prime you couldn’t draw a million people, man. What are you talking, you couldn’t sell out arena. Who at 58 could sell out an 80,000-seat arena?”.

Mike Tyson explains why he thinks Jake Paul is fighting him

“Why you think he wants to fight me and not anybody else? Everybody wants to fight him, all the boxers want to fight him.

But if he fought them the only people that will come are the people that like him. The other guys, their parents might not even come watch them. That’s just keeping it real. They’re too boring for their children to watch, it’s like watching grass grow”.

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