The Tyson-Paul Showdown: Transitioning from Exhibition to Professional Rules

The Fight Licensing Authority has indicated that Tyson will have to pass certain tests to be considered a professional fighter and the fight will be entered into a professional score

by Sededin Dedovic
The Tyson-Paul Showdown: Transitioning from Exhibition to Professional Rules
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New information about potential changes to the rules of Mike Tyson's fight with YouTube star Paul has caused a real storm in the boxing world. When Tyson's former opponent, Roy Jones Jr., who fought him in an exhibition match in 2020, commented on these changes, it became clear that something big is being prepared, which is getting a license for a professional fight for the 58-year-old Tyson.

The fight is expected to be held under professional rules instead of the usual exhibition rules, which adds an extra element of excitement. When the match was just signed, many sources reported some really strange exhibition rules, but the latest information says that the match will enter the professional ratio of both fighters.

This potential change would mark an important step for Tyson, as he will need to gain approval from the fight licensing body. It is a key prerequisite that will determine if the fight will take place and under what conditions.

Given Tyson's nearly 58-year-old age, the question of his readiness to return to the ring has become a subject of wide debate among boxing fans and experts. The fight licensing body indicated the other day that Tyson will have to pass certain tests to be considered a professional fighter.

A professional fight enters into a professional ratio, while exhibition matches do not have that weight. If Tyson passes the tests, this match will be included in his total score, and that could be an incentive for Iron Mike to seriously enter the fight.

Roy Jones Jr. he didn't hide his opinion about the potential rule change. On The Lunch Club, he emphasized that the fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson would no longer be just an exhibition but a real professional fight. This move further increases public interest as Jake Paul has proven to be a serious and talented boxer, while Mike Tyson still possesses his legendary punching power, regardless of his age and is now more famous than when he was in his prime.

Roy Jones Jr. (L) and Mike Tyson celebrate their split draw during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

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"Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson is not an exhibition fight, I've heard it's been upgraded to a real fight," Jones Jr. said. on The Lunch Club. "If it's a professional fight, it's very intriguing how it could end because Jake Paul is a much better boxer today, but Mike Tyson, even at 58, is still Mike Tyson.

When I boxed him, he still punched like Mike Tyson. If he hits anybody right in the chin, there's going to be a problem, it doesn't matter who it is. I love Jake Paul, he's a good guy and he's doing well in the boxing world. I think it's a good promotional situation for him and Mike, they should get good results, especially after upgrading to a real fight.

If Mike does what he usually does, then it's going to be a tough situation for Jake," Jones Jr. concluded. This rule change also raises the question of Tyson's physical fitness for such a challenge. Footage of Tyson using a walking stick has sparked concern among fans, but Tyson regularly posts snippets of his training to show he's still capable of handling the challenges of the ring.

Still, skeptics remain concerned about his age and possible physical limitations. On the other hand, Paul's camp claims that Tyson's age does not play a key role in this conflict. In their opinion, Tyson's innate strength and technique make him still a dangerous opponent, regardless of age and they are aware of how dangerous an opponent he is.

This claim further increases the tension surrounding the fight and adds an extra dimension to an already exciting event.

: Jake Paul poses during his official weigh in at Desert Diamond Arena on October 28, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona© Chris Coduto / Getty Images

Jake Paul took to Instagram yesterday to threaten to repeat Tyson's famous ear bite that disqualified the "Most Dangerous Man on the Planet" against Evander Holyfield in their 1997 rematch.

"I'm gonna bite Mikey," Paul wrote on Instagram, sharing a video in which he said: "Mikey, Mikey! Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see!" Considering all these facts, it is clear that this fight has caused a lot of attention around the world.

The question of Tyson's ability to handle the challenge of a professional fight at this age remains open, but his legendary reputation continues to intrigue boxing fans around the world. On the other hand, Jake Paul has shown significant progress in his career and is ready to take on a legend like Tyson.