What a match: Wardley vs. Clarke for Lonsdale and Commonwealth Titles

Last night, London's O2 Arena was home to the fights for the iconic 'Lonsdale' and 'Commonwealth' heavyweight titles

by Sededin Dedovic
What a match: Wardley vs. Clarke for Lonsdale and Commonwealth Titles
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Last night, London's O2 Arena was the scene of an incredible fight for the iconic 'Lonsdale' and 'Commonwealth' heavyweight titles, where the current British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley and bronze Olympian Frazer Clarke met.

The match was watched by 13 thousand fans in London's O2 Arena. It all started with a heated atmosphere that enveloped the arena, while the boxers were preparing for the main event of the evening. The British sporting public had already hyped this match up in advance, comparing it to legendary fights like the one between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.

In Great Britain, this match has been the main story for weeks, and this weekend the popular soccer has been pushed into the background. Promotion company Boxxer and media giant Sky Sports joined forces to make this event unforgettable.

The boxers from Ipswich and Burton on Trent gave us a great match with huge crowd support throughout the match. As soon as the match started, already in the first round, we witnessed action from both sides of the ring. Both fighters started bravely but with a great deal of caution.

The second round gives the advantage to the champion Wardley, who showed dominance throughout the round with a series of devastating blows. Clarke was under pressure, forced on the defensive to defend himself. However, Wardleye found a hole in his defense more than once.

Frazer Clarke reacts following the BBBofC British Heavyweight, Commonwealth Boxing Council Heavyweight and WBO European Heavywei© James Chance / Getty Images

In the third round, Wardley found himself bleeding from the nose after a few punches from Clarke, but they weren't dangerous punches and he quickly regained control with his long straights.

We saw a real war during the third round. The fourth round was relatively calm, but in the fifth round Wardley managed to knock Clark to the floor, although Clark was able to recover quickly. Clarke had a couple of good crosses during the fifth round that didn't really hurt Wardley.

In the sixth round, Wardley dominated the first part, but Clarke began to show his strength in the second part of the round. Clarke attacked fiercely, hit Wardley several times, who seemed tired, and it was already known that the continuation of the match would be difficult for him.

The seventh round brought controversy when Clarke was deducted a point for a blow below the belt, but he managed to get back into the game. The rest of the fight mostly belonged to Clarke, who managed to threaten the champion several times with his punch combinations.

Wardley was showing signs of fatigue and a nose problem, which added to his situation. Wardley could be seen having trouble breathing, after each pause he stood and took deep breaths. In the tenth round, a doctor was called in to examine Wardley for a nose problem, but the fight continued.

Clarke continued to pressure the champion, forcing him to fight in the clinch. Fatigue was becoming more and more evident on Wardley as Clarke continued to land some killer combinations. In the last, twelfth round, we saw Wardley badly shaken, many spectators thought it was the end, but he managed to stay on his feet.

Wardley suffered incredible beatings in the second part of the match, while in the first 5 rounds he was the more dominant fighter. After an intense fight, the judges gave their marks. One judge scored the match 114-113 in favor of Wardley, while another gave Clarke the advantage with a score of 115-112.

The third judge ended the card tied, 113-113, resulting in a split decision.

Referee Steve Gray raises the arms of both Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke after announcing the contest a draw following the BBB© James Chance / Getty Images

This fight was not just an ordinary title fight.

"British title" represents more than just a sporting achievement. Great Britain has a rich boxing history, and the title has been won by some of the biggest names in world boxing such as Lennox Lewis, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Officially named the "Lonsdale Belt", this title represents the pinnacle of British boxing. It is sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC), the body that regulates professional boxing in Great Britain. It is often accompanied by the "Commonwealth title", which represents the title of former British colonies.

The Commonwealth Boxing Council regulates this title, although it is subordinate to the BBBofC. The title is named after Lord Lonsdale, who was a great sports fan and encouraged the development of various sporting activities in Great Britain, including boxing.

These titles have a deep-rooted meaning within the UK boxing community. They represent the pinnacle of success in British boxing and enable boxers to excel on the national and international stage. This fight will be remembered as one of the most exciting ever in British boxing.