Jake Paul can't come to terms with his only defeat: Tyson was the B option

Jake Paul desperately wants recognition that he is a professional boxer, and his only defeat was against a professional boxer

by Sededin Dedovic
Jake Paul can't come to terms with his only defeat: Tyson was the B option
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Internet sensation Jake Paul recently revealed intriguing details about his plans for future fighting challenges. Always controversial, Jake is not surprised, and his latest post is no exception. He revealed that he originally had different plans than those we have seen recently on the stage of the boxing world.

Given his career marked by lack of recognition and controversy, Jake Paul has become a very famous figure in the world of combat sports. His transformation from a YouTube sensation to a boxing star has sparked a multitude of reactions, both enthusiastic and critical.

However, the latest development, the announcement of a fight between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson, definitely has passion stirring. When it was announced that he would fight Mike Tyson, many were surprised by the choice of opponent.

The age difference between Paul and Tyson, as well as Tyson's unquestioned boxing prowess, created controversy surrounding the match itself. The match with Tyson should take place on July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, the exclusive broadcast of this match will be on Netflix.

"Iron" Mike became the youngest heavyweight champion in history when he won the belt at only 20 years old and was the first heavyweight to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles. Before Tyson became the main target, Jake Paul was focused on one particular goal - to make light of his only defeat in his professional career against Tommy Fury.

In Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, an eight-round cruiserweight fight took place. Fury, a natural boxer, showed his footwork and showed the difference in quality between a professional Boxer and a YouTuber. He threw almost twice as many shots as Paul (302 to 157).

However, Paul managed to land a clean punch in the eighth round, dropping Fury in a controversial moment. Fury's team claimed it was a slip, but the referee counted it as a knockdown.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury (R) clash during the Jake Paul v Tommy Fury Press Conference on February 23, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arab© Francois Nel / Getty Images

Although Fury was visibly more dominant, his split decision win came as a surprise to some.

While the knockdown likely swayed one judge in Paul's favor, Fury's overall activity and punching performance likely swayed the other two judges. Fury comes from a British traditional boxing family and was the favourite, but it must be admitted that Paul has quality and may have been unfairly underestimated at times.

Jake revealed that he has even signed with MMA promotion PFL with the intention of facing Fury. He reportedly offered an impressive $20 million for a two-fight deal that would include a boxing rematch. However, negotiations broke down due to disagreements over financial terms.

Through statements to the media, Jake made his frustration with Tommy Fury clear, calling him an "idiot" for the missed opportunity. Jake pointed out that the next offer for Fury was nothing less than zero dollars, while his own brand continues to grow and attract more attention.

This revelation reveals a deeper level of strategy and motivation behind Jake Paul. Although the fight against Tyson is now in focus, it is clear that Paul has clear goals and plans for his future in boxing. His desire to prove himself against a professional boxer is visible, and he probably thinks that Mike Tyson, who is almost 60 years old, can be a shortcut to that.

But will the victory against one of the greatest champions and legends of boxing have an essential value for proving it. Analysts believe that this is a loose-loose situation for Paul, regardless of the outcome of the match, he will not benefit from this victory except financially.

His persistence and determination to avenge his only defeat show how dedicated he is to his sport, but honestly deep down Jake just wants to prove himself as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul receives medical treatment during the Cruiserweight Title fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury at the Diriyah Arena © Francois Nel / Getty Images

"Most Valuable Promotions, me and Nakisa Bidarian, we were trying to find the right fight, the right time frame, the right event.

We knew we wanted to target this summer so we just started making phone calls. We called Tommy Fury, who was one of the names, and he said no, the problem is he's asking for more money. So now he's probably punching the air now realizing how big of a mistake he's made, I mean, he's an idiot.

Literally, the next offer for him is nothing, one big zero, and my brand just it's growing to a whole other level. We'd probably split the earnings 50/50 for that fight, and now after this, who knows what I'm going to do," Jake Paul angrily told the Mirror.

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