Boxing Brilliance at Wembley: Turki Alalshikh's Ambitious Plans

His Excellency announces plans for a huge event at Wembley Stadium in September

by Sededin Dedovic
Boxing Brilliance at Wembley: Turki Alalshikh's Ambitious Plans
© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

Turki Alalshikh, Chairman of the General Office of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia, is a dynamic force in the world of combat sports, especially boxing. His dedication and passion for transforming the area is attracting worldwide attention, and the latest plans for a monumental boxing event at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom are just confirmation of his unstoppable vision.

From the very beginning, Alalshikh had a vision of turning Saudi Arabia into the epicenter of the boxing world. His efforts have already resulted in attracting the biggest names in boxing and the most ardent fans from around the world.

Through the organization of some of the most exciting boxing events, Saudi Arabia has set new standards in the sport, standing out for its superior organization and execution. However, Alalshikh's ambition knows no bounds.

Each new event is an opportunity for him to raise the bar even higher. His desire to make Saudi Arabia an indispensable destination for boxers and fans of this sport leads him to constantly innovate and create unforgettable experiences.

Fights like the one between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, or the fights between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, have already left a deep mark in the history of this sport. But for Alalshikh, it's just the beginning. He sees the future in even bigger, more spectacular events, and Wembley Stadium is the perfect stage to realize those ambitions.

In addition to soccer, Great Britain is one of the countries where boxing is the most popular, and it says enough that both Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are British.

Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player of Al Nassr, looks on during the Day of Reckoning: Fight Night at Kingdom Arena with Alalshikh© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

Anthony Joshua's recent comeback after knocking out Ngannou only fueled the excitement among boxing fans.

The planned fight between Fury and Usyk on May 18 is undoubtedly one of the biggest moments in the history of this sport, and Alalshikh's role in organizing such events is invaluable. However, Fury postponed this match, But Alalshikh does not stand still even after these successes.

In the latest video posted on Queensbury Promotions' YouTube channel, he reveals his plans to further expand this boxing phenomenon. His collaborations with Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren promise more spectacular events, and plans for Wembley in September are just the tip of the iceberg.

"We are working to create an epic event during the third quarter of this year in London, as part of our 'Riyadh Season' We are considering various options and we are confident that we will reach a final plan soon," Alalshikh said.

This event will certainly mark modern boxing, but it also has the opportunity to lay the foundations for a new era in this sport. Alalshikh's vision is not only about promoting boxing as a sport, he is based on creating unforgettable experiences for spectators around the world to restore boxing to its former glory.

His passion and determination reflect his commitment to the development of boxing, and every step he takes sets new standards, inspiring boxing fans around the world. His revolutionary mission to transform boxing brings new energy to the sport and makes Saudi Arabia a must-see destination for fighters and boxing fans around the world.

He has long been a Saudi star who shines on many fronts. He is the right-hand man of the royal court in the position of minister-adviser, and at the same time heads the General Entertainment Authority, which under his leadership has transformed Saudi entertainment and culture.

He is a direct member of the royal family and a relative of the King of Saudi Arabia. But Alalshikh is not only a strongman in the administrative world. He is also a big sports enthusiast. He is currently the president of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation, and in the past he was the honorary president of the Saudi football club and the owner of the Egyptian football club.

However, his biggest sporting love is the Spanish soccer club UD Almeria, which he owns since 2019. Although he invested significant funds, he did not have much success with this soccer club, and this is probably because he has been focusing on Boxing lately and even neglects his state duties for the sake of promoting Saudi Arabia as the capital of Boxing.

But Alalshikh's creative energy is not confined to sports fields. He is the founder of Rozam Media, the company behind the production of films, TV series and music. His artistic streak is also expressed through poetry, song lyrics, screenplays and dramatic works.

In fact, his lyrics are sung by well-known Arab artists, and he is also responsible for the production of regionally successful series such as "THE EIGHT" and the mystery thriller "CELLO" starring Hollywood star Jeremy Irons.