Frank Warren announced two matches Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua

Respected boxing promoter: 'I have a date for the fight between Fury and Joshua, they will enter the ring twice'

by Sededin Dedovic
Frank Warren announced two matches Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua
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Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, two of the biggest names in world boxing, are expected to meet in the ring soon, and all indications are that the epic fight will take place in Saudi Arabia, scheduled for March next year. The news was revealed by prominent Queensberry promoter Frank Warren, who also announced that Fury will have two bouts with Oleksandr Usyk this year, while Joshua will have to wait until 2025 for his chance.

The planned fight between Fury and Usyk, which is scheduled to take place on May 18, marks the fight for the unification of all four heavyweight world titles. It is speculated that the winner will secure a staggering £100 million, which would automatically prompt the loser to seek a rematch.

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Frank Warren has shared his excitement over a potential Fury-Joshua clash, comparing the possible clash to legendary fights of the past.

"Next March, if Tyson continues to put on impressive performances and Joshua continues to win his matches, I am confident that we will witness one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing. It will be a return to the golden age of boxing, all these great fighters gathered together in the ring.

That is what makes this sport so exciting," Warren said for Sky Sports. In addition, there is a possibility that Fury and Joshua will meet not just once, but twice. Eddie Hearn, a prominent promoter, recently suggested the possibility of a two-fight deal, one of which would take place at London's famed Wembley Stadium.

However, Warren believes that the financial interest will take at least one match to the Middle East, which is slowly becoming one of the capitals of Boxing as a sport, even though the sport itself is not that developed in their region.

"I've got to be honest, I think it's going to end there. Of course, I'd love to see them in the UK. When I think back to when I was younger - all those years, many, many years - I look at all those really great fighters like Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, where did they have their big fight? The Rumble in the Jungle (then Zaire).

Where did George Foreman fight Frazier? In Jamaica - The Thriller in Manila. It happens. Because they went where the money is. Those fights that I mentioned were held in places that you would never dream boxing would take place in.

Traditionally it would have gone to New York or Las Vegas. They are professional athletes and boxers, unlike most athletes, have careers that are very limited . One strike and it could all be over. That's why you have to seize the opportunity while the sun shines." In light of this speculation, the question is who will be the next challenger for Anthony Joshua as he awaits his mega-fight with Tyson Fury.

After an impressive win over Francis Ngannou, Joshua needs to bide his time and maintain his form. Among possible opponents for future matches, names such as Filip Hrgović, Deontay Wilder and Joseph Parker are mentioned.

Filip Hrgović is particularly highlighted as a potential opponent, and fans are already eagerly awaiting a possible clash between these two fighters.

Anthony Joshua interacts with fans as he celebrates victory after the Heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngann© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

Apart from the fact that this fight would be extremely attractive for fans, it would also have great commercial potential.

Joshua vs. Hrgovic could be a spectacular fight that would attract the attention of the whole world. Hrgovic, as a young and promising fighter, against Joshua, an experienced heavyweight champion, would represent an incredible clash between youth and experience, strength and technique.

Hrgovic is a very high-quality fighter, and Joshua is aware of that, however, due to his calm nature, he does not get enough attention as he has quality. He should be fighting Dubois soon. Reliable ESPN journalist Mike Coppinger did not comment on this topic, but confirmed that the match between Dubois and Hrgovic is being arranged.

"Hrgovic and Dubois are finalizing a deal for a heavyweight match on June 1 at the preliminary part of the Beterbiev-Bivol event," announced Mike. On the other hand, a fight against Deontay Wilder or Joseph Parker would also be extremely interesting.

Wilder, known for his merciless strength and devastating blows, could provide a very interesting match, and this match would also attract a lot of viewers due to the history of these two fighters. On the other hand, the fight with Parker, the former world champion, could finally "solve" things between these two heavyweights.

With all these possibilities, boxing fans can expect an exciting year filled with spectacular matches. The investment and engagement of Saudi Arabia has definitely done a lot in promoting the sport and strengthened the marketing potential.

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