Jake Paul ready to feel Mike Tyson's power: "I have an iron chin"

Jake Paul shares his thoughts on Mike Tyson's explosive fighting abilities.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul ready to feel Mike Tyson's power: "I have an iron chin"
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Jake Paul will face the toughest test of his career on 20th July. Mike Tyson is known for his ferociousness; Jake Paul looks forward to getting a taste of Mike Tyson's nasty shots. The fight will be streaming live on Netflix; a lot more details about Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson are yet to be announced.

Recently, some fight rules and conditions were falsely leaked. Jake Paul took the time to address how he won't be fighting Mike Tyson with headgear and also slammed the possibility of a tag team match with Logan Paul being in his team.

This fight could most probably be an exhibition bout; however, if it's a professional fight, people's perspective could definitely change.

Jake Paul explains how dangerous Mike Tyson can turn out to be

Recently on his own podcast, Jake Paul shared his thoughts on Mike Tyson's ferociousness and power.

"This is definitely the toughest, most savage, lethal opponent – regardless of age, because power is the last thing to go," Paul said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. "But the reaction and reception of it has been insane.

I almost can't even believe it – so very surreal, very, very, very grateful for all of that."

Jake Paul on Mike Tyson' power

"I want to see how hard he hits, mike, I really want to see, bro. Let's see all the legends, the myths, because you're 'Iron' Mike Tyson – but I have an iron chin.

People know that. I take shots. So I think people are underestimating that me being able to deal with his power, and that is something that is going to make it interesting. I'm excited. I literally can't wait to look across the ring and see him and give him a * death stare."

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