Fury is fascinated by the young fighter: He is the future of the heavyweight division

He is a highly regarded young talent aiming to become the youngest world champion and break Mike Tyson's record

by Sededin Dedovic
Fury is fascinated by the young fighter: He is the future of the heavyweight division
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Tyson Fury is preparing for what many are calling the most significant fight of his career, but even in the midst of that intense period, he found time to highlight who he believes represents the future of the heavyweight division.

His next challenge will be against Oleksandr Usyk, and that historic fight will take place on May 18 in Saudi Arabia. It will be the first fight in 25 years in which all four major world heavyweight titles will be on the line, which in itself speaks to its importance.

Fury was forced to postpone the original February fight date due to an injury, specifically a cut he sustained during training. But that only adds to the tension surrounding this already monumental fight. The winner will be able to rightly claim to be the best fighter of his era, which makes this matchup even more significant in the context of boxing history.

Despite intense preparations for the fight with Usyka, Fury highlighted the young boxer via social media, whom he considers a potential future star of the heavyweight division. He took to Instagram to share his thoughts on Moses Itauma, calling him "the future of the heavyweight division." Itauma is an extremely talented young boxer who dreams of becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion, which would lead him to surpass Mike Tyson's record.

Born in Kent, England, Itauma already has an impressive resume as a three-time European amateur champion. He has been facing the challenges of the boxing ring since the age of 15, and recently impressed Fury himself while preparing for his upcoming fight.

Determined in his ambitions, Itauma signed with Queensberry, who are supporting him on his way to breaking Tyson's record. "Iron Mike" became the youngest world heavyweight champion at the age of just 20 years, four months and 22 days, a feat Itauma aims to surpass.

Currently, Itauma has a record of seven wins without defeat, which suggests that it is well on its way to achieving its ambitions. He will have his next fight at the same event where the spectacular duel between Fury and Usyk will take place, but his opponent is not yet known.

It adds an extra element of suspense and excitement to his story as he prepares for his next step towards the top of the heavyweight division.

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