Francis Ngannou: Analysis of Defeat and Plans for the third boxing match

Ngannou: 'I feel that boxing owes me something. My ego won't let me back down'

by Sededin Dedovic
Francis Ngannou: Analysis of Defeat and Plans for the third boxing match
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The heavy defeat that Francis Ngannou experienced nine days ago at the boxing spectacle in Riyadh left a deep mark in the world of martial arts. The former UFC heavyweight champion was badly knocked out in a boxing match against Anthony Joshua, and that dramatic encounter ended in the second round, leaving many in shock, although of course Ngannou was a big underdog.

Ngannou entered the match with great confidence, believing that he could match a boxing master like Joshua. He based his belief on the impressive fight he did in the tenth month of last year against Tyson Fury, where he showed his endurance through 10 rounds.

It was because of this fight that the juice reigned when Joshua began to dominate the Cameroonian. Right from the beginning, Anthony Joshua approached the match with serious dedication and superiority, which resulted in the outclassing of Ngannou.

"Life is like that, I don't make excuses. We took risks like this when we got into this sport. You always know something like this can happen. But I feel bitter because I didn't manage to show my best. I felt like I wasn't the one falling, it was a strange feeling," Ngannou shared his impressions after the heavy defeat.

Defeat by knockout carries with it a special weight and Ngannou is aware of that. However, he emphasizes that defeat is not the end, but an opportunity to learn and grow. "A defeat is a defeat only if I don't learn from it and come back stronger than before," said the fighter.

Despite the difficult moment, Ngannou opened up to his fans via his YouTube channel. He shared a video in which he provides a deep insight into his emotions after the match and what the first moments in the locker room looked like with the support of family and team members.

Although he was hit hard by the defeat, Ngannou claims that this is not the end of his boxing story. "Now what? Maybe a third boxing match. I don't think my ego will let me quit like this. I have to try everything I can to come back and prove to the world that I'm the right man for the job, that I can do it.

Maybe I slipped, but I'm not down. I may be down, but I'm not staying down," Ngannou stated emphatically about his plans for the future. His detailed review of the match against Joshua provides a deep analysis of the events and deliberations that followed the fight.

In the video, Ngannou reveals his thoughts, strategies and feelings during the fight, offering fans a glimpse into the fighter's inner world and the challenges he faces on his way to the top. This experience is not only a sporting defeat for Ngannou, but also an opportunity for personal and professional development in the world of boxing.

His persistence and dedication are clearly visible in his decision to continue his journey despite obstacles and the discredit of many colleagues after a brutal defeat. Without a doubt, this episode will further shape his career and inspire many MMA fighters to fight despite defeats.

The Cameroonian has undoubtedly shown the importance of determination and self-confidence in achieving goals. He left Africa from great poverty, and now the whole world knows about him. His defeat did not go unnoticed, especially after he surprised the world with his debut performance against WBC champion Tyson Fury.

His reaction to this bitter defeat is not typical, and he surprised many with his persistence and desire to improve. Ngannou is now turning to boxing as a possible way back into the ring, if only temporarily.

Anthony Joshua punches Francis Ngannou during the Heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou on the Knockout C© Richard Pelham / getty images

Ngannou had no plans to leave boxing forever.

While there has been speculation about a possible return to MMA following the loss, PFL heavyweight champion Renan Ferreira is waiting in the cage for him, suggesting a return to the octagon could happen at a later date. "I'm aware of my mistakes, but I won't let the defeat stop me.

If I come back, if I learn from this experience, it won't be a defeat. It will just be another step towards my personal and professional development," Ngannou concluded. He is known for his incredible strength and speed, and these attributes could be key in his future fight.

However, even though his strength is something by which he is recognizable, we have seen that it is not easy against a strong puncher like Joshua. "Maybe it's time for changes, to work on new techniques and strategies. I think I can use this defeat as motivation to improve my skills," added Ngannou.

His return to boxing could be not only an opportunity for personal growth, but also an opportunity to rebuild his reputation in the world of combat sports. Many fans and analysts are eagerly awaiting his next move, while speculation about new opponents is already rife.

Ngannou has always been known for his dedication and work ethic. In interviews, he has often emphasized the importance of continuous progress and learning, suggesting that he will use this defeat as motivation for even greater efforts in the future.

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