Francis Ngannou ready to postpone MMA comeback: “My ego will not let me step back”

Francis Ngannou shares his thoughts on what he wants next in his boxing career.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou ready to postpone MMA comeback: “My ego will not let me step back”
© Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing via Getty Images

Francis Ngannou isn’t interested in stepping back into the world of MMA. He is supposed to show up for an MMA fight in PFL, but after facing a tough loss against Anthony Joshua, he wants to postpone the MMA return and prepare himself for a 3rd appearance in the boxing realm.

It will be very interesting to see who he ends up fighting next.

There’s a wide list of options available for him; he has already faced opponents from the top tier.

The back-to-back losses have ignited an urge in Francis Ngannou to claim a win, and without doing so, he seems to have no intentions of switching over to MMA. Francis Ngnanou is expected to fight Renan Ferreira for his PFL debut.

Francis Ngannou on his next fight

In a recent YouTube video, Francis Ngannou explained what he looks forward to doing next. “What’s next for me? Maybe a third boxing match,” Ngannou said, as quoted by

“I feel like boxing owes me something now. I have to regain what boxing took from me. I think my ego will not let me step back and let this go like this without doing everything to reinstall and prove to the world that I am the man of this job".

Francis Ngannou on his future in boxing

“I can do it, you know. I slipped, but I didn’t fall. I stumbled, but I didn’t fall. I think if I go back, train, learn from it and use it as an advantage and experience for my personal growth, for my professional growth, I think it will not be a loss. I will be able to reverse it and make it a victory – a life victory, not only a sports victory”.

Francis Ngannou