Glover Teixeira: " I'm cheering for someone to get hurt"

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Glover Teixeira: " I'm cheering for someone to get hurt"

With a UFC light heavyweight title fight scheduled for March 6 and UFC 259 between Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya, Glover Teixeira has so far been left without the fight he deserved by defeating Thiago Santos. This will probably bring him to the status of a reserve of the mentioned fight, which would mean that the opportunity could come right now, but for something like that one of the participants would have to get injured.

"Of course I want to be a backup and I have to admit something to you. That's not nice of me, I've never cheered for anyone's injury, but here I'm cheering for someone to get hurt," Teixeira told MMA Fighting with a smile, adding: "I'm back from vacation and now I'm going to talk to my manager so we can see what can be agreed.

Reserve status is definitely an option. I'll have to do a full training camp, but that's fine, at least I'll stay active, I won't fall out of rhythm. " If there is no injury and the fight continues, Glover, like many, wonders what will happen depending on the outcome.

"I wonder what will happen if Adesanya wins. Will he defend the belt in the middle or light heavyweight division? If that means I have to wait until June or even August, I don't know what to say, maybe I'm ready for it."

"Honestly, right now we know little of that. Blachowicz's victory would be much better for me and everyone else. But what if Adesanya wins? He will probably be back in the middleweight division and then what?" Glover wonders with good reason.

He is aware that he would not be so easily left without his chance if he was a little more attractive next to the microphone. But he achieved his winning streak by working hard, which in the end wasn’t enough for him to find the UFC an attractive enough option.

Teixeira on boxing

Looking at his 41 years, he doesn’t have much time to wait, but he also has nothing else left. "Honestly, I don't have pressure around the belt. It's a super fight, they happen even when there is no belt and they introduce something like a BMF belt.

It's all fun and I'm not against it. They see the business side of it, Dana knows where the money comes from." " It all puts us on hold a bit, but that's the evolution of this sport. When I started fighting, the sport was dominated by aggressive fighters and knockouts, the style of Wanderley Silva and Chuck Liddell.

Kill or be killed. That's what I did in my fights. There wasn't much of a story." "I used to be knocked out but I went ready for it but it doesn't sell fights today. What's going through today I just don't have in myself and I'll still stick to the old school.

Paulo Costa knows what it takes and attracts attention." "I think Brazilians should do it. If I were young like him, I would certainly talk a lot and take advantage of it, Glover certainly deserved hope for the title with his series. We can only hope the UFC will award it to him before it’s too late.