Jake Paul fires back at Logan Paul for claiming he was offered to fight Mike Tyson

Jake Paul not happy to see Logan Paul claiming that he turned down a fight with Mike Tyson.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul fires back at Logan Paul for claiming he was offered to fight Mike Tyson
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Logan Paul created history and broke the internet after announcing that he’s fighting Floyd Mayweather. After going the distance against arguably the greatest boxer of all time, he mentioned fighting Mike Tyson. Almost after 3 years, his brother Jake Paul fulfilled his goal and announced the unbelievable fight with Mike Tyson.

Interestingly, Logan Paul recently revealed that he was offered to fight Mike Tyson but declined the offer to fight him. Jake Paul wasn’t pleased to hear this, he slammed Logan’s claims and labelled it as a ‘fabricated lie’.

This is not the first time the Paul brothers have gone back and forth. Jake is not happy with Logan Paul’s statement.

Logan Paul on fighting Mike Tyson

Recently on impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul spoke about getting an offer to fight Mike Tyson.

“I said no to fighting Mike Tyson,” Logan Paul said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I was offered it, but not on Netflix and not for a big ass bag. It was just like, this could be a real fight. I’ve been asked, ‘Do you think you could beat Mike Tyson?’ My answer was and will be yes.

I just think he’s too old. That’s crazy. He’s senile”.

Jake Paul on Logan Paul’s claims

“It’s tough,” Jake Paul said as quoted by mmafighting.com. “Then it’s like, why is my own brother trying to make me look the second option for Tyson.

Like, ‘Oh yeah, I turned down that deal.’ No, you didn’t. That’s a complete lie. Why are you fabricating lies? I am always having to defend myself and be undermined and be little bro’d. Then I have to just not allow it to happen. I’m just taking shots and then I have to explain because I get thrown into it”.

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