Champion's Critique: Ngannou's Rushed Bout with Joshua

Many boxing stars and analysts have given their opinion on the Joshua vs Ngannou match. Demetrious Johnson, Jason Davilla and Paul Malignaggi have some interesting points

by Sededin Dedovic
Champion's Critique: Ngannou's Rushed Bout with Joshua
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Former champion and one of the most dominant fighters of all time in the UFC Demetrious Johnson who is the current flyweight champion in ONE Championship. He boldly shared his opinion on Anthony Joshua's victory against Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight on his YouTube channel.

Ngannou, who was knocked out by Joshua in the second round of the night's "Knockout Chaos" main event at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on Friday, met a somewhat unexpected end according to some viewers' predictions. Regardless of the fact that it is only his second boxing match after the good fight he gave against Tyson Fury, many people gave him chances for a successful boxing career.

Johnson initially favored Ngannou, but after the Cameroonian was knocked out he boldly stated his view that Joshua could defeat the former UFC heavyweight champion in an MMA bout. "Can Joshua win an MMA fight? I think so," Johnson said, making his case in favor of the British boxing champion.

"It would be another striking match. Joshua understands his distance, has better hands than 'Predator' and can make him miss. Joshua would definitely win, unless the Cameroonian changed his tactics and forced him into a clinch and started wrestling," Johnson added, stressing that Ngannou mostly uses Boxing in MMA fights as well.

But Johnson wasn't just discussing the odds of winning this particular match; he also referred to the broader topic of the transition of fighters from one sport to another. "Mighty Mouse" shared his opinion that if MMA fighters plan to switch to boxing or vice versa, they should at least prepare longer for such a transition.

He emphasized that it's not all about money and that MMA fighters should be promoters of their sport. Ngannou has already suffered criticism because after the fight with Fury he rushed to have a match against Joshua even though he did not pass the full training camp.

Francis Ngannou is knocked down for the third time as Referee Ricky Gonzalez stops the fight and checks on him during the Heavyw© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

Former Strikeforce and UFC fighter Jason Davilla said that Ngannou came from great poverty and misery, and after this match with Joshua, he claims that the Cameroonian will no longer have the will and motivation to fight.

Ngannou knew that regardless of the outcome of the match, he would earn a huge amount of money, so he did not even prepare for this match. Demetrious Johnson agrees with Davila, but blames Ngannou for hastily entering this match motivated by money and did not prepare adequately for the fight, fearing that the match against Joshua will be postponed.

"I'm not saying that 'Predator' didn't take this challenge seriously, but if I arranged a boxing match, I would spend eight to 12 months in preparation. The reason is simple, the punches come faster, the movement is different.

There's only one weapon, right? I can't use knees, kicks, elbows or wrestling. How am I going to win when I can't use the weapons I've used for the last 18 years?” Johnson asked, noting the complexities of transitioning from one combat sport to another.

Johnson went on to reflect on the potential effects that the boxing match between Ngannou and Tyson Fury could have had on Ngannou's performance. "Another thing that may have caused the Cameroonian's downfall was the boxing match with Fury.

So Joshua got a chance to see his boxing style and better prepare his tactics," concluded Johnson. Of course Joshua analyzed Ngannou, he is one of the greatest professionals in boxing and a real athlete.

Coach's positive influence on Anthony Joshua

Paul Malignaggi, a former American world champion who has dedicated himself to commentating and analyzing fights after retirement, recently gave his review of Anthony Joshua and highlighted the importance of the new trainer, Ben Davison, in Joshua's rise.

"Joshua didn't look so confident before Ben Davison took over as trainer. Their collaboration really brought about positive changes. It's not just that he beat Wallin, but how he did it. His dominance in the ring was impressive." "People have forgotten about it, but Joshua possesses not only exceptional technique, but also power that will be key.

His power is not just in striking; it has the potential to seriously hurt Ngannou. As a heavyweight, Joshua possesses the knowledge of how to make the most of his punching power," Malignaggi said. Although Ngannou is known for his devastating punching power, he hasn't been able to land a real punch that would shake Joshua.

This is where the difference between Boxing and MMA could be seen the most because Joshua had a great defense during the match. Malignaggi was also impressed with how the British star handled the pressure. "Ngannou is without a doubt one of the best MMA fighters to make the transition to boxing so far, so dealing with the pressure is key.

People often underestimate the severity of the pressure that Joshua was under, but he successfully overcame it in an extremely technical manner."

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