Demetrius Johnson believes Anthony Joshua would knock out Francis Ngannou in MMA

Demetrius Johnson shares his thoughts on Anthony Joshua fighting Francis Ngannou in an MMA match.

by Aryan Lakhani
Demetrius Johnson believes Anthony Joshua would knock out Francis Ngannou in MMA
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Francis Ngannou’s recent performance against Anthony Joshua shocked the entire world, not because he got knocked out. People are having a difficult time comparing Ngannou’s performance with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua because there’s a massive difference.

Demetrius Johnson watched the match, and based on his observation, he thinks the outcome would be the same if Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou faced each other inside the cage for an MMA match.

Demetrius Johnson on Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou in MMA

In a recent YouTube video, Demetrius Johnson spoke about Francis Ngannou’s recent loss against Anthony Joshua.

“Does Anthony Joshua beat Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight? I think he does,” Johnson said, as quoted by “It would just be another striking match. AJ understands his distance. He understands the void.

He has better hands than Francis, and he can make Francis even whiff and miss again. Unless Francis is going to change his tactic and go clinch him and wrestle him. But AJ is very athletic. He is smaller, he’s more limber.

I think he’d be able to stuff the shot and be able to give it to Francis Ngannou”.

Demetrius Johnson on Francis Ngannou’s preparation

“I’m not saying Francis has not taken it seriously, if I was to take a boxing match, I will probably spend eight months to a year preparing myself for the boxing match.

Reason why is because the punches come faster. The movement is different. There’s only one weapon, and you only can use one weapon, right? I can’t use my kicks. I can’t use my knees. I can’t use my elbows.

I can’t use my wrestling. How am I going to cross the void when I can’t use all the weapons I’ve been using for the last 18 years?”.

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