"Sold Down the River": Anthony Joshua's Trainer Opens Up About Ngannou KO

"I’m not going to go into it too much but he sold him down the river and made him pay, that was it.”- Davison said

by Sead Dedovic
"Sold Down the River": Anthony Joshua's Trainer Opens Up About Ngannou KO
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Anthony Joshua's trainer, Ben Davison, is doing a great job with the 34-year-old boxer. Despite Joshua facing a crisis in his career, many believe this is a sign of better days ahead for the British boxer, ready to replicate past successes. His knockout against Francis Ngannou has impressed many. 

Although some think that a match against Ngannou may not be a true measure of Joshua's strength, the fact that Ngannou effectively challenged Fury and posed huge problems speaks to the Cameroonian's great qualities. In an interview with Boxing News, Ben Davison discussed the game plan. Specifically, Davison didn't want to reveal more details; he intriguingly emphasized Fury's knockout.

"I’m not going to go into it too much but he sold him down the river and made him pay, that was it.”- Davison said, as quoted by boxing social!

Reporters were interested in Joshua's excellent form and were curious about what changes Davison decided to make with this boxer. Davison is someone who has had a lot of faith in his boxer from day one and believed he could get back to winning ways. When facing a crisis in one's career, it can be challenging to return to top form. The mental aspect of every sport, including boxing, is something that requires focus. Davison knew how to work with Joshua, and the fact that Anthony is already an excellent boxer has eased his job.

“Just clarity. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, two-time unified heavyweight champion of the world. He has an unbelievable tool bag and we’ve just helped him select the right tools, that’s it."- he continued.

Davison is a coach who believes that having pressure is a great thing. In moments when you feel the pressure, you are aware of how important it is to win and to get the best out of yourself. Although pressure can be detrimental for some, for more experienced fighters, it can be an important tool to achieve their goal. Davison emphasized that pressure is present before every match. However, without pressure, it is difficult to achieve great things. Building his career, it was crucial to adapt to pressure and strive for success.

“Always pressure. I don’t do it to please the public. I do it to please and help the fighter achieve their goals and their dreams whether that’s a six-round fight or the heavyweight championship of the world. So there’s pressure on every fight. But no pressure no diamonds. You’ve got to enjoy it.”- he continued.

Ben Davison and Anthony Joshua
Ben Davison and Anthony Joshua© Richard Pelham/Getty Images Sport

Anthony Joshua has achieved an impressive victory, crucial for his confidence moving forward. His goals for the upcoming period are clear, and it will be interesting to see if he can achieve them. The Briton surprised many with his reaction at the end of the match. Joshua doesn't seem overly happy with his victory. The primary reason for this is the media. Anthony is aware that reactions to his loss and victory are entirely different. He believes that there is huge attention on him after a loss.

It’s not that satisfying, it is what it is. You know what I’ve noticed with you lot (the media). Your life changes when you lose. But when you win it’s just on to the next."- Joshua said.

Anthony Joshua and his next challenges

Despite the victory, he doesn't feel super excited about it and is already thinking about the next challenge. Joshua talks about how losses can be tough for fighters but also how they can be valuable lessons. He explains that if he had fought the way he used to, it could have taken a toll on his career. 

Now, he can handle these situations more efficiently. Even though the win doesn't do much for his career, he hopes that his experiences can help and advise upcoming fighters in the future.

Although this match didn't have such a significant impact on his career, as we've already mentioned, it can serve as a great thing for the future. The Brit has high expectations of himself, and in the last two fights, he entered with a completely different mindset. What's interesting is that Joshua revealed he has started working on the spiritual side of his personality. Being connected with the Creator is what gives him strength and makes him stronger. It will be interesting to see what Joshua's plans are for the future and what the next obstacle in his career will be. We expect nothing but the best from Anthony.

His coach will be a great support for him. It's important that Joshua continues to listen to his coach and maintains the same pace in the upcoming matches.

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