Ryan Garcia reveals who he wants to fight after Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia justifies his selected list of potential opponents.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia reveals who he wants to fight after Devin Haney
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Ryan Garcia is ambitious about the future; he has already mapped out a list of potential opponents that he could share the ring with; some of the names include:

  • Teofimo Lopez
  • Gervonta Davis (rematch)
  • Sean O’Malley (in MMA)
  • Manny Pacquiao
A comprehensive win against Devin Haney will allow Ryan Garcia to gain a position of authority where he can seamlessly pick his future opponents.

On the flip side, a loss would take him a few steps away from achieving his goal of fighting the names enlisted above. April 20th, the boxing world will find out if Ryan Garcia has what it takes to give Devin Haney his first-ever career defeat.

Ryan Garcia on his potential opponents

“I would love to fight Teofimo Lopez. He likes to outbid himself and say he’s more than he is, and I’m not trying to demean him. I’m just looking at the business aspect of it,” Garcia said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com.

“He kind of prices himself out every time. That’s why he doesn’t get a big fight, but if I can’t get him, I’d like to fight Sean O’Malley in the MMA. If I can’t get that, I would love the Tank rematch if I could get that next,”

Ryan Garcia’s dream fight

“The dream fight is Manny Pacquiao.

Where could that happen? In Saudi Arabia, so, that’s my dream fight, and I’m prophesizing that’s going to happen. There was actually talks that it still could happen. I think our fight [Ryan vs. Pacquiao] is better than [Manny vs.

Conor Benn]. This is the best place I’ve been in mentally and the best shape. Contrary to what people say, I’ve been training actually since January 1st. I never stopped training since my fight with Duarte. I believe that was on December 2nd”.

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