Francis Ngannou reveals that he borrowed $200,000 from Kamaru Usman

Francis Ngannou reflects on the time he borrowed money from Kamaru Usman.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou reveals that he borrowed $200,000 from Kamaru Usman
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Francis Ngannou always battled with financial problems; he had complaints with the UFC for not paying him enough. However, Francis Ngannou mustered up the courage and left the organization; he got paid around $600,000 for his fight with Ciryl Gane and then made a significant jump to securing almost $10 million dollars from his boxing debut against Tyson Fury.

Ngannou recently revealed that he owed Kamaru Usman $200,000 because he had collapsed financially; this happened at the time he was fighting Ciryl Gane. The boxing debut was the turning point of Ngannou’s life from every angle.

And now again, he is one night away from quadrupling his finances like never before! Such is the power of dreaming big and fighting for yourself.

Francis Ngannou on borrowing money from Kamaru Usman

Recently on Henry Cejudo and Kamaru Usman’s podcast, Francis Ngannou spoke about his goals and reflected a little on his decision to leave the UFC.

“You were talking earlier about the contract that I turned down,” Ngannou said, as quoted by “You knew a lot about the stuff that I turned down from the UFC negotiation with my last fight in the UFC.

I took $600,000 for my last fight in the UFC as opposed to $5 million that they were offering for the same fight. And I was broke. At the time I owed Usman $200,000. I was broke. It’s true! What happened is I had something, I had a goal, I had my own way, I wanted something and it couldn’t be delivered.

I couldn’t sell out what I wanted just because of more money. Obviously I needed that money. Obviously I never had that amount of money.

Francis Ngannou reflects on leaving the UFC

“I wasn’t loyal to the dream, I was loyal to myself.

What I make sure I always am is loyal to myself. To what I set, my principles, my goals, everything. I don’t change direction because unpredictable things, because of some things that are attractive. I don’t change my direction and I think that’s what happened.

Even after that fight, we get to a negotiation, they were pretty much capable to do a lot of concessions, but it wasn’t reaching my expectations, my goal, so we moved. I moved away”.

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