Ngannou Aims to Showcase Boxing Skills: His Trainer Predicts Knockout Victory

The Cameroonian fighter plans to continue boxing professionally regardless of the outcome of his upcoming match against Anthony Joshua

by Sededin Dedovic
Ngannou Aims to Showcase Boxing Skills: His Trainer Predicts Knockout Victory
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Francis Ngannou, one of the greatest fighters in MMA and former UFC champion, arrived in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, which is currently full of boxing excitement. The corpulent Cameroonian came with the goal of facing former two-time world champion Anthony Joshua in the boxing ring.

His arrival in this city caused incredible interest from the media and fans around the world, because this fight will be a spectacular event and the spectators love these and similar fights, which, regardless of the quality of the fighters, are still more for a show than a competition.

The excitement was particularly intense because it was speculated whether Ngannou would stop boxing if he lost to "AJ", but this fighter's answer was not what some expected. Ngannou has made it clear that he plans to continue boxing regardless of the outcome of this fight.

"I'll definitely do some MMA fights, but I won't leave boxing," he said, noting that boxing was his first love and that he couldn't imagine his life without the sport. Through a conversation with journalists, Ngannou recalled how it all started with boxing for him.

The first thing he learned about martial arts was boxing and punching. "In the beginning, I didn't even know about MMA. I was involved in boxing for more than a decade, I dreamed about it. Even when I discovered MMA, I saw it as an opportunity to expand my horizons, but I still remained faithful to boxing.

I felt that I need it to be complete as a fighter," he explained.

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Ngannou also emphasized the importance of fundamentals in boxing, specifically referring to the lessons he learned from the legendary Mike Tyson.

"I think that the moment you forget the basics and foundations - you lose everything else that works," he emphasized. "Tyson was a master of fundamentals. He could beat a world champion using only fundamental knowledge. That made me inspired and in love with that style.

It's all about the fundamentals." Despite his impressive career in MMA, Ngannou is aware that he is relatively new to the world of boxing. "I know I'm not at the same level of technique as these guys," he admitted. "All of them have been playing this sport for more than 20 years at a professional level, and I'm just a beginner, although I've always been passionate about it.

But that won't stop me from doing my best. I know I'm not going there to show something extravagant , I'll stick to the basics." The fight with Joshua represents a huge challenge for Ngannou, but also an opportunity to show his boxing skills on a world level.

His dedication and love for the sport is clearly visible in his words, and will surely attract the attention of many boxing fans around the world. If Ngannou manages to surprise everyone and knock out Joshua, it would be a miracle, and the strong Cameroonian would rise a lot in the heavyweight boxers' rankings.

Ngannou's trainer: When Joshua falls, he will not get up

Before the match with Fury, Ngannou was underestimated by many, but he still has a better chance against Joshua. Dewey Cooper, Ngannou's trainer, expressed his belief that Francis will knock Joshua out, comparing Joshua's endurance to Fury's.

"It might be possible to knock Tyson Fury down, but he always gets up. He's been knocked down in many fights, several times even, but he always gets up and keeps fighting. We can't say that about Joshua. Tyson Fury is just more durable, maybe even has better chin," Cooper said in an interview.

"In the heavyweight division, everyone is vulnerable and can be knocked down. I'm not saying that Joshua doesn't have a strong chin, but the question is whether he can recover if he gets hit hard. He did it against Klitschko, but then Klitschko was already in his years.

I can I can tell you only one thing - Francis is ready, lightning will strike twice," he added. Joshua took his match against Ngannou seriously, so we can prepare for an unforgettable fight. The Brit probably analyzed the match against Fury, but coach Cooper said that Ngannou will be like we've never seen him before.

This is an event that will attract the attention of boxing fans around the world and sell a lot of PPV. Analyzes, predictions and comments are only part of the exciting atmosphere surrounding this match already. The world boxing scene will be stirred again in a match that is not for the championship title.

In modern times, boxing also had to adapt and evolve, so we would not be surprised if this was one of the most watched matches in recent years.

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