Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul is disrespecting boxing: “Circus side show”

Michael Bisping explains why Jake Paul shouldn't be pleased with his recent win.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul is disrespecting boxing: “Circus side show”
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Jake Paul’s recent 1st round knockout win against Ryan Bourland has been more criticized than appreciated. People have set the narrative that Jake Paul is now strategically picking up opponents who are vulnerable and not strong enough to last more than a round.

Michael Bisping is among the many who feel Jake Paul is picking easy opponents and is disrespecting the sport of boxing. Jake Paul called out Canelo after claiming a win; Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul did that, knowing that Canelo would decline the offer to fight him.

Michael Bisping on Jake Paul’s recent win

In a recent YouTube video, Michael Bisping explained why Jake Paul shouldn’t be proud of his recent win.

“Jake Paul was always destined to win this fight and you are the suckers if you paid for this fight and I know most people didn’t,” Bisping said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “Unfortunately, the opponent was utter dog * and couldn’t make it through one round.

How was he able to get it done? Because he’s just so good. He expected a second round but my god, the guy did it in round one. I mean, this guy’s the future. [Paul] was swinging punches like an absolute maniac leaving openings to get countered all day long against a decent boxer.

He doesn’t have that threat because he wasn’t going up against a trained pro”.

Michael Bisping on Jake Paul calling out Canelo

“He’s calling out Canelo because he knows damn well that fight is not going to happen.

Canelo Alvarez would not wipe his * with a Jake Paul payday. He doesn’t want circus side show, freak show fights, okay? He is disrespecting the sport of boxing. He’s disrespecting all the people that worked their way up, but more importantly, he’s conning the fans.

If Ryan Bourland is your next Uber driver, give him five stars and give him a good tip. Beating people that you know you can beat, that’s called being a bully”.

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