Fury on Joshua: "I believe he's not as good as people try to make him"

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Fury on Joshua: "I believe he's not as good as people try to make him"

The year 2021 should bring martial arts fans a match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, currently the world’s two best heavyweights. They are also the holders of all four elite champion belts, so the winner of that test would become the absolute world champion.

With a test by Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, it is certainly the biggest match that world boxing can offer at the moment. As for Tyson Fury, after rescuing Deontay Wilder, a win over Joshua would certainly inscribe him in the history books as one of the best heavyweights of all time.

In fact, he’s certainly the one who wants that match a lot more than Joshua, for whom the question is whether he would be interested in the same if there wasn’t that WBC belt owned by “Gipsy King”.

"This fight has been brewing for a long time. They have avoided me for a long time, and now it's finally time for the same thing to happen. Everyone runs away from the fight and publicly admits it or fights. But in any case, whatever happens, is for him it’s a devastating situation, ”Fury said, as quoted by DZN

Fury on Joshua statement

Joshua recently stated that he would allow Fury an open fight in which his only goal would be to take his head off his shoulder.

That would be a different style of fighting than what Joshua's audience is used to, so Fury doesn't really believe he's capable of something like that. "It's a nice statement, but it means absolutely nothing.

People say all sorts of things and then they don't back it up, so we'll see what happens. I've never seen him go take anyone's head off his shoulders, in his 22 fights." "So it's probably a lie, another of his lies.

We'll see if he has the 'balls' to do what he announced when I'm standing across from him in the ring. But I don't think so, "he said, continuing to analyze what he sees as the biggest problem. your rival: "I believe he's not as good as people try to make him.

Also, I don't think he believes that either, he doesn't have self-confidence. He certainly has problems with self-confidence, especially because he comes after two weaker performances." "In boxing, it's all a matter of who is in better form in the last two appearances.

He was not good, I am. The current situation is on my side and I believe I will finish him very early in the match. He may endure one or two rounds. "