Ryan Garcia calls out Jake Paul: “He’s disrespecting my sport”

Ryan Garcia wants to fight Jake Paul and remove him from the sport of boxing.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia calls out Jake Paul: “He’s disrespecting my sport”
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Jake Paul added another knockout win to his record; he absolutely obliterated Ryan Bourland in the very first round. To everyone’s surprise, Ryan Garcia ended up calling out Jake Paul.

Both Ryan Garcia and Jake Paul are known to be very good friends; they have trained together before, and the support was always there.

But for some unknown reason, Ryan Garcia unleashed his aggressive side on Twitter and called out Jake Paul for a proper boxing match with the aim of ending the whole “Jake Paul boxing thing”. Ryan Garcia believes Jake Paul is disrespecting the sport of boxing and wants to eliminate him from the fighting scene.

Jake Paul responded a little more compassionately but warned Garcia that he is ready to fight him.

Ryan Garcia’s tweet and voice message

“Okay enough, it’s on I’m going to have to do this! I’m going to end this JAKE PAUL BOXING THING.

BRING IT ON JAKE IM DEAD - SERIOUS * YOU! HIT MY TEAM UP. I can’t do this *, I feel so * bad for introducing Jake Paul to boxing. I * up. I can’t allow this to happen. I can’t. I can’t. He’s disrespecting my sport.

He’s disrespecting everything. I just, I don’t know — call my team, Jake. * you”.

Jake Paul responds to Ryan Garcia

“Ryan, I love you. You know that, bro. But you’ve got to chill out,” Paul said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“Because there’s a line and you just seem like you’re losing your mind, and acting thirsty and desperate and saying you’re a billionaire when you had one money fight. I’m just saying, just chill, bro.

But if you do want to fight, that’s, to me, light work. You’ve got no footwork. And as long as you’ve been in the game, I’m a better boxer than you”.

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