Amanda Serrano promises to provide a full refund to all fans in attendance

Amanda Serrano took the time to apologize to all fans worldwide for withdrawing from her fight last-minute.

by Aryan Lakhani
Amanda Serrano promises to provide a full refund to all fans in attendance
© Al Bello/Getty Images

Amanda Serrano was all set to make her first appearance of the year but an unforeseen eye injury forced a last minute withdrawal from her title fight against Nina Meinke. Amanda Serrano’s vision was blurry; she could barely see.

Serrano is absolutely disheartened to pull out like that and to make it up to her fans and followers; she publicly announced that she would provide a full refund to all those who paid to watch her fight.

It was a genuine withdrawal; she felt very guilty about it.

Serrano also promised to pay her opponent the full purse instead of half. Amanda Serrano looks forward to rescheduling her fight with Nina Meinke; she may soon announce the date.

Amanda Serrano talks about the last-minute pull out

“I’m so sorry.

I came to fight, I came to put on a show for you guys,” Serrano said, as quoted by “One thing I will tell you, I will be back. This is where I will retire. … I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

I was willing to go out there and still give the fans a show but they just wouldn’t allow me to. This happened 36 hours ago. We did everything we could to keep the fight on but it wasn’t being approved by the commissions”.

Serrano was ready to step inside the ring with the eye injury, but the athletic commissions didn’t allow her to. Fans and boxing experts have a neutral opinion on this; some are showering her with the support and love she needs, and some are mercilessly criticizing her.

Jake Paul secured a comprehensive first-round knockout win; he also confirmed that Amanda Serrano’s fight with Nina Meinke would be rescheduled to a different date.