Jake Paul reveals the text messages sent to Sean Strickland

Jake Paul explained how Sean Strickland is ducking his offer to spar him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul reveals the text messages sent to Sean Strickland
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Jake Paul recently called out Sean Strickland for a filmed sparring session. Paul offered Sean Strickland $1 million dollars for the showdown, but apparently, the sparring session failed to materialize because the UFC didn’t allow Sean Strickland to do so.

Jake Paul made a strong point by explaining how sparring with someone cannot be prevented by the UFC because Strickland sparred with the social media sensation Sneako.

Sean Strickland has nothing but wild intentions for Jake Paul; he looks forward to squaring off against him 1v1 in the middle of the desert with no cameras. Since both fighters are going back and forth, it would be fair to assume that they will be part of something significant in the near future.

It could be a filmed sparring session or a boxing match.

Jake Paul on Sean Strickland

Recently on his own podcast, BS w/ Jake Paul, Jake Paul revealed the text messages with Sean Strickland and explained how he looks forward to fighting Paddy Pimblett too.

“‘Sean Strickland, the guy seems to be having some sort of quarter-life crisis there, just spazzing out on everyone, trying to beat up some influencers and such,” Paul said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“But it’s a typical story of these UFC guys who call me out and then go quiet. I said I’ll send you the P.J. [private jet], I’ve got DMs, I’ll put the DMs up on the screen. I said, ‘I’ll send you the P.J.

Let me know where. We can spar for a million dollars,’ and then all of the sudden it’s, ‘Oh, I would get sued by the UFC if I sparred Jake.’ But you just sparred Sneako. You could spar anyone. Contractually, in your UFC contract, it has nothing to do—it says nothing about sparring”.

Jake Paul on caressing Sean Strickland and sparring Paddy Pimblett

“When Mr. Seany, I put my soft little hands on his little bald head and make him feel the love that his mother or his father never gave him, it could be a nice moment.

And maybe Paddy Pimblett can finally stop running from my spar offer too and I’ll just get all of them, two-for-one. Just the UFC’s once-could-be-a-star who failed, just put them on the JV sparring team”.

Jake Paul Sean Strickland