Devin Haney believes Ryan Garcia is a ‘quitter’: “April 20 it won’t be no different”

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia go back forth with verbal banters in the recent press conference.

by Aryan Lakhani
Devin Haney believes Ryan Garcia is a ‘quitter’: “April 20 it won’t be no different”
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The long-awaited clash between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia is right around the corner. This 20th April, one will rise, and one will fall. Devin Haney has more to lose in this fight, as his belt and the undefeated record will be at stake.

The buildup of the fight has been quite chaotic as both fighters were captured squaring off intensely on a few occasions. The face-offs led to a physical altercation. Devin Haney believes Ryan Garcia is a quitter. By mentioning that he's referring to the Gervonta Davis knockout, where Garcia was in tremendous pain because of the liver shot, and as a result of the unbearable pain, he couldn’t step up and fight.

Both fighters can foresee knocking each other out. It will be interesting to see if Garcia and Haney can back their words with actions.

Devin Haney on Ryan Garcia

During the recent press conference, Devin Haney called Ryan Garcia a quitter.

“We seen Ryan quit before,” Haney said, as quoted by “We seen Ryan take a knee before and quit. And on April 20 it won’t be no different”.

Ryan Garcia responds

“It’s just stupid, I want to see somebody cutting all that weight, killing themselves, have blisters in your mouth before the fight because you’re so dehydrated, get in the ring, fight in front of everybody in the biggest fight of your life and get hit to the liver.

And you’ll see what you do. Don’t talk like that. … Get in the ring and show me you could do better then”. Overall, fans and boxing experts are leaning in favor of Devin Haney to win the match. In almost one month's time, we will find out if the predictions turn out to be true.

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