Ryan Garcia wants to fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC: “I will destroy Sean O’Malley”

Ryan Garcia reveals how he approached Dana White to fight Sean O'Malley.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia wants to fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC: “I will destroy Sean O’Malley”
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One of Ryan Garcia’s major goals is to quit boxing and start his career in MMA. Garcia already has one opponent in mind for his debut: Sean O’Malley. To make it a fair contest, he is ready to fight Sean O’Malley in UFC instead of facing him inside the boxing ring.Interestingly, Sean O’Malley is more than ready to make it happen.

Ryan Garcia looks forward to fighting Sean O’Malley after he is done with Devin Haney in April. Apparently, he has already reached out to Dana White about this.

Ryan Garcia’ confidence to face Sean O’Malley stems from his wrestling background; he believes his conditioning coupled with his natural wrestling abilities makes him a suitable candidate to fight in MMA.

Ryan Garcia on fighting Sean O’Malley

Recently on The MMA Hour, Ryan Garcia explained why he wants to fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC. “I’ll beat his * in MMA guaranteed,” Garcia said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“I’m a natural, you don’t understand. I’m a natural wrestler. I just beat my security that’s a wrestler, I beat him. I’m strong and I’ve got crazy conditioning.. That’s already been done, I know I’m going to knock him out in boxing, that’s not even fair.

What is fair is to test myself in MMA because I know if I put my mind to it and I trained every day, and I had Nate [Diaz] helping me, even Alex Pereira, all of them, and I really locked in, he will not beat me.

Ryan Garcia on reaching out to Dana White

“I will come with everything I have and I will destroy Sean O’Malley.

In the UFC. I’ve already sent text messages to Dana, I’ve already got people that are connected to Dana to ask him, let’s do this. I’ll come to UFC, pay me a bag, I’m there. I’m down to do it after Devin Haney. All I know is, Dana, hit me back, I’m trying to beat Sean O’Malley”.

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