Amir Khan praises Joshua as a great fighter but believes he's easier to hit than Fury

Khan believes Joshua is a smart fighter, but the match will be tough because Ngannou is more confident now

by Sead Dedovic
Amir Khan praises Joshua as a great fighter but believes he's easier to hit than Fury
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Many are eagerly anticipating the fight between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou scheduled for March 8th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There are high expectations for this match, considering it involves two prominent figures in the world of combat sports. Joshua, a man with vast experience in the boxing scene and undeniable qualities, will attempt to defeat Francis Ngannou, a UFC veteran who has broken numerous records in the MMA world. The question on many minds is whether Ngannou can secure a victory over Joshua.

A few months ago, we witnessed the match between Ngannou and Fury, where we saw the Cameroonian's boxing qualities. Ngannou put up an excellent fight against Tyson Fury, raising questions about his unexpected boxing skills. If not for such fights, many would likely view Joshua as the clear favorite. Now, doubts arise about whether Joshua can easily secure a victory. It's indeed challenging.

Francis Ngannou, Tyson Fury
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Former world champion Amir Khan believes that the perception of boxers has changed for many after the Fury vs. Ngannou fight. Khan sees this as motivation for Joshua to demonstrate that boxers are tough and resilient individuals.

“The way people look at boxing now, after that fight (Ngannou had) with Fury, is that boxers are a little bit weaker than MMA fighters. This is where Joshua needs to show them that boxers are not weaker but better and stronger.”- Khan said, as quoted by

Amir Khan on the fight between Joshua and Ngannou

Amir Khan is talking about the upcoming fight between Joshua and Ngannou. Khan believes Joshua is a smart fighter, but the match will be tough because Ngannou is more confident now.  After the match with Tyson Fury, who is considered one of the best boxers in the world, Ngannou proved to himself and the world that he can compete with the best. However, some question how prepared Tyson was for such a match and whether he took the challenge seriously. Regardless, Ngannou demonstrated himself as a formidable opponent with the potential to achieve positive outcomes in the world of boxing.

Ngannou thinks he can hurt Joshua, especially targeting what he sees as a weak chin. Khan mentions that hitting Fury, another fighter, is challenging because he's good at avoiding punches.  Even though Joshua hasn't been performing as expected recently, he still has skills and strengths. Ngannou is taking time to study his opponent, and he has already shared some thoughts about it. However, Ngannou needs to do a thorough analysis to understand Joshua's strengths and weaknesses better. He plans to use this knowledge to his advantage. On the other hand, Joshua doesn't have much information to analyze about Ngannou, except for his recent match with Fury, which makes it hard to draw definite conclusions.

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua© Richard Pelham / Getty Images

While Khan respects Joshua, he thinks Ngannou sees Joshua as easier to hit than Fury, suggesting that Joshua might have a harder time avoiding punches in the upcoming fight.  

We have just 10 days left until the moment when we will have the opportunity to watch this great match. There hasn't been such serious interest in a match for a long time as there is for this one.

Anthony Joshua is aware of the danger posed by his opponent

Joshua is making it clear that his main focus is on the upcoming fight with Ngannou. He views this match as his undisputed title fight, emphasizing the importance of approaching it with the right mentality.  Joshua doesn't want to make the same mistake as his colleague, Tyson Fury, who seemed to enter the match with the mentality that he had already won. However, right from the start, Fury could realize how dangerous Ngannou is.

Even though there might be future chances for other titles, Joshua is focusing on his upcoming fight with Ngannou. He sees this match as his undisputed title fight and acknowledges Ngannou as a strong opponent, showing respect for him. Joshua also points out that he is a tough opponent and expects the upcoming match to be challenging and thrilling, emphasizing the intensity of their clash.

Looking at the predictions of boxing experts and fans of the sport, many are convinced that Joshua will secure victory for several reasons. One commonly cited reason is that Joshua understands Ngannou is not an easy opponent, but his experience is likely to be decisive in this match. Another factor is Joshua's recent form in the last few fights, where he reminded everyone of the boxer we used to see. In any case, there is just a little time left until the big match that will attract huge attention. We hope for an exciting fight!

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