Carl Froch's Surprising Take: Peak Mike Tyson Would Defeat Tyson Fury

“Mike Tyson knocked out a few big lumps and tall guys too."- Froch said.

by Sead Dedovic
Carl Froch's Surprising Take: Peak Mike Tyson Would Defeat Tyson Fury
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Boxing fans are wondering how a match between Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson would look. Although there is a significant age difference, many would like to see such a fight in the future. Looking at both of their careers, it is unnecessary to speak about their qualities and the impact they have left on the boxing scene. 

Tyson, especially, is well-known among slightly older fans and is often a topic of debate regarding the greatest boxers of all time. What is impressive about Mike is not only his courage but also his empathy, which we have learned more about in recent years. Despite appearing to many as someone to destroys opponents without any emotions, Mike has shown that he is an emotional person who has been through a lot in life.

Tyson Fury, on the other hand, is a boxer who strives to present himself as cold and ready to stop anyone in his way. The two of them are different characters, but they share one thing: their love for boxing! 

Interestingly, Fury was named after Mike Tyson, which speaks volumes about the Fury family's respect for Mike Tyson.

Carl Froch, also a former popular boxer who ended his career ten years ago, discussed the possibility of Fury and Mike Tyson meeting in the ring. What surprised many was Froch's opinion: I have no doubt that Mike Tyson at his peak would defeat Tyson Fury!

Froch spoke highly of Mike Tyson, recalling his childhood experiences watching this brilliant boxer and being convinced of how far ahead he was compared to his competition.

“Mike Tyson knocked out a few big lumps and tall guys too. I think Tyson Fury would be able to keep him out of the way for an amount of time but you’re talking about a peak Mike Tyson, who was world champion at 20. I think a peak Mike Tyson beats almost anybody.

Just the way he used to be in the ring he was a dangerous, dangerous man. He didn’t stop throwing punches. He used to roll his way into range. If they tried to grab him, he’d push him off and he’d throw big hooks and big uppercuts and he’d land on the chin and render him unconscious. I think the answer to that question for me would be Mike Tyson beats Tyson Fury,” Froch said, as quoted by

Tyson Fury
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John Fury, the father of Tyson Fury, has decided to call out Mike Tyson for a fight before the match between Ngannou and Fury. Mike Tyson, in a media interview, emphasized that he is impressed by John's bravery, but not only that but also by the emotional side of both. Although they present themselves to the world as tough and cold characters, both seem to be emotional individuals who have respect for their opponents.

“He’s out of mind about the exhibition. I’ll tell you what has impressed me so much at the weigh-in and press conference, normally they have to be tough but it was all love in there. It was a majestic sign of ‘We’re fighting each other’, just amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Mike Tyson said.

Tyson Fury on Mike Tyson

Fury received an interesting question in August of last year: Who would win in a fight between prime Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury? The 35-year-old Brit once again showed respect towards Mike and emphasized that it doesn't matter who would win, considering that he, as a champion, got his name from a champion.

"Like @MikeTyson already said it doesn't matter who u think wins as I'm named after him so he already has won," Fury tweeted.

"A baby named after the champ, the baby becomes the champ wow."

Tyson Fury has often spoken highly of Mike Tyson and his career.

Tyson Fury talked about the underestimated parts of Mike Tyson's boxing skills, mainly focusing on his speed. Fury said that Tyson's speed wasn't just one slow punch; it involved quick and dynamic movements. 

The description mentioned punches from different directions; left, right, up, down, and side to side, showing how versatile Tyson was. 

Fury recognized Tyson's fierce and fast style, highlighting his ability to deliver strong knockout punches with either hand. 

Additionally, Fury mentioned the psychological impact, talking about the "fear factor" Tyson brought into the ring, suggesting that opponents were already mentally defeated before facing him.

Mike Tyson has impressed many with his character, fights, and attitude year after year. It's no wonder why everyone feared him. His fights are still a topic in the boxing world.

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