Keyshawn Davis eager to fight Teofimo Lopez: "Send the contract"

Keyshawn Davis shares his thoughts on fighting Teofimo Lopez.

by Aryan Lakhani
Keyshawn Davis eager to fight Teofimo Lopez: "Send the contract"
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Keyshawn Davis wants to elevate his career to a whole new level, and in order to make that happen, he seeks a fight with Teofimo Lopez. Both fighters are highly skilled, which is what makes it an interesting matchup. Keyshawn Davis has a professional boxing record of 10-0 (7 knockouts), and Teofimo Lopez recently updated his record to 20-1 (13 knockouts) after claiming a win against Jamaine Ortiz.

Matchmakers aren't strongly interested in making the fight happen (Teofimo Lopez vs Keyshawn Davis) because they think it's too early for Keyshawn Davis. Teofimo Lopez does not seem to be interested in entertaining that fight either, as he thinks Keyshawn Davis is trying to take a shortcut to the top.

Keyshawn Davis on fighting Teofimo Lopez

In a recent interview with Fight Hub Tv, Keyshawn Davis expressed his urge to fight Teofimo Lopez. "All Teofimo has got to do is send the contract," Davis said as quoted by

"We got the same promoter. We've seen each other in the Top Rank office. We can go to the Top Rank office and sit down, and we can make the fight happen. All he has to do is send me the contract, and the fight will happen. I will come up in weight.

All Teofimo has to do is put stipulations in the contract, and I will sign it,. I hope it happens, too."

Teofimo Lopez on Keyshawn Davis

"This kid Keyshawn Davis they talkin' about, he just wants an easy route to be famous," Lopez said as quoted by

"So big-headed. Completely big-headed. Hasn't done anything in the sport of boxing. Doesn't even have a world title. Those little belts that he has. I got that the first year I turned pro. Sh!t that was in three years, three years and some change, I became a world champion at 22 years young (with a win over Vasiliy Lomachenko)."