Ryan Garcia reveals how much he will make fighting Devin Haney: “80 to 100”

Ryan Garcia talks about fighting Devin Haney and reveals the approximate figures he will be making from this fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ryan Garcia reveals how much he will make fighting Devin Haney: “80 to 100”
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Ryan Garcia will be stepping into the biggest fight of his career on 20th April. He will be facing Devin Haney; Garcia last fought Oscar Duarte and got back on the winning page. Ryan Garcia spoke about his payday and revealed startling numbers.

According to him, he will be making around $80-100 million dollars after fighting Devin Haney. Such handsome figures are the driving force for many MMA fighters. It has played a significant role in making them switch to boxing.

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney don’t seem to have any respect for each other. In a recent face-off, their verbal exchanges turned physical in no time.

Ryan Garcia on fighting Devin Haney

In a recent interview with Jack Alter, Ryan Garcia revealed the approximate sum he will make after fighting Devin Haney and shared his thoughts on Devin Haney.

“I was tired of boxing being so boring. I said if nobody is going to do it, I’ll do it, I’m fighting Bill Haney. It ain’t even Devin. I’m fighting the dad,” Garcia said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com.

“They were so crazy. They were telling me to get my security. My security was going against four against one. At 25, I’m already going to make after this fight, maybe $80 to $100 million. If you’ve made 80 to 100 million at 25, you’re losing it.

End the interview, bro. That’s a wrap. I’m a good-hearted man. I’m not a good guy. I’m a good-hearted man, though.

Ryan Garcia on getting dropped in a fight

“Absolutely not, I’ve been dropped, but then I got right back up.

That’s a chin”. A win will be huge, Devin Haney’s belt is at stake. It will be very interesting to see if Ryan Garcia has what it takes to snatch everything away from Devin Haney.

Ryan Garcia Devin Haney