Roy Jones Jr explains who Gervonta Davis should fight next

Roy Jones Jr wants Gervonta Davis to fight big names in his weight class.

by Aryan Lakhani
Roy Jones Jr explains who Gervonta Davis should fight next
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Gervonta Davis is yet to make his first appearance this year, he last fought Ryan Garcia in April and secured a nasty knockout win. After a few weeks of the massive fight, Gervonta Davis was asked to stay in house arrest for a hit and drive case in 2020.

Since he failed to comply with the laws and regulations the judge sent him to prison where he stayed for 44 days. Gervonta Davis expressed his inclination to fight Naoya Inoue but that inclination hasn’t translated into reality yet and it might not because Gervonta Davis recently said that he's not fighting him because of the weight differences.

The boxing legend Roy Jones Jr believes Gervonta Davis has earned the authority to decide who wants to fight. Roy Jones Jr wants Gervonta Davis to fight either Shakur Stevenson, Devin Haney or Vasily Lomachenko.

Roy Jones Jr on Gervonta Davis

Recently, on Fight Hub TV, Roy Jones Jr explained who Gervonta Davis should fight in the near future.

“Tank has been doing a great job of what he’s been doing, so he doesn’t have to call nobodies’ name. He’s fine because he’s must-see TV by himself. That’s what you want to be able to be,” Jones Jr said as quoted by

If you’re must-see TV by yourself, it doesn’t matter who you fight. The rest of those guys need him. He don’t need them. So, for him he can fight whoever he wants to fight. Yeah, they’re going to demand that he fights some names soon, but in the meanwhile, he fights whoever he wants to fight because why? He’s must-see TV, no matter who he’s in there against.

Roy Jones Jr on who Gervonta Davis should fight next

“Yeah, you want to see him fight Shakur. Yeah, you want to see him fight Haney. Haney is probably going to outgrow him. Shakur ain’t going to be far behind that because he’s [Tank] short, and they’re not, So, if he’s going to fight one of them, he better hurry up and do it now because the longer he waits, the more it weighs in their favor.

They’re both going to get bigger than him. So, maybe he’ll [Tank] go and fight Loma. They’re both still at 135. Why not go and fight Loma now? I don’t know. Tank is a very difficult guy to deal with. He’s got a lot of weapons and a lot of tools”.

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