Deontay Wilder looks forward to a strong comeback: “I’ve rededicated myself”

Deontay Wilder shares his thoughts on making a comeback.

by Aryan Lakhani
Deontay Wilder looks forward to a strong comeback: “I’ve rededicated myself”
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Deontay Wilder faced an unexpected unanimous decision loss against Joseph Parker, which immediately canceled his potential fight with Anthony Joshua. The loss against Joseph Parker was marked as his 3rd career defeat. He believes not training enough led to the defeat.

Interestingly, Anthony Joshua was ready to fight Deontay Wilder even after knowing that he lost, but the matchmakers thought it would be a better idea to announce Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou. Wilder updated his professional boxing record to 43-3-1 (42 knockouts).

Some fans and MMA experts believe Deontay Wilder lost a part of himself after facing his consecutive defeats against Tyson Fury. Wilder could most likely return in a couple of months, and it will be interesting to see who he ends up fighting next; he wants everyone to know that he is ‘rededicating’ himself to the sport of boxing and that he’s training very differently now.

Deontay Wilder on making a comeback

In a recent interview with ESNEWS, Deontay Wilder explained how he has rededicated himself to boxing. “We’re putting ourselves back together,” Wilder said, as quoted by

“Success has taken me out of my element where I used to be a gym rat to where I’m only coming to the gym when I have fights,

Deontay Wilder reflects on the loss

“All that has changed. I’ve rededicated myself to this.

I’m in the gym every day. I’m taking it like a job now. It was a boring fight; nothing really happened, I went right back to training the next day”. Fans who were looking forward to Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder will have to wait a little longer.

Perhaps if Ngannou successfully claims a win against Anthony Joshua, he could then fight Wilder. The winner of Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou is expected to fight the winner of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk.

Deontay Wilder