Teofimo Lopez on Shakur Stevenson's retirement: "You got to take the cuts"

Teofimo Lopez reacts to Shakur Stevenson's retirement and offers a piece of advice.

by Aryan Lakhani
Teofimo Lopez on Shakur Stevenson's retirement: "You got to take the cuts"
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Shakur Stevenson's retirement surprised almost everyone because he's just 26 years old and was expected to be a part of some massive fights. It is most probably a temporary break from the sport. Shakur Stevenson had an issue with Top Rank, and there were some financial disagreements that shockingly forced Stevenson to announce retirement from the sport of boxing.

Teofimo Lopez did something similar in the past; he, too, retired after fighting Josh Taylor. However, he came out of it within a few months. So he can relate well to Shakur Stevenson's current situation, and as advice, he asks Shakur Stevenson to "take the cuts" and move forward until he makes it to the top.

Teofimo Lopez on shakur Stevenson’s retirement

In a recent interview with Fight Hub Tv, Teofimo Lopez shared his thoughts on Shakur Stevensons' retirement and offered a piece of advice. "After that performance, he pulled off and that stunt, Top Rank said, 'We're not going to pay you what had last time,' and he said, '* this, I'm the best, and I'm going to retire with it," Lopez said as quoted by boxingnews24.com. "I wish him nothing but success and the best.

But you can't, you got to take the cuts. This is what it takes, they can only build us for so long, and then it comes a point where you hit the elite level."

Teofimo Lopez on making it to the elite level

"That elite level doesn't go like this [vertical].

You got to start climbing up this way [an incline to the top]. The matchmakers and all genres of promoters and into the networks build the fighter with confidence. However, it's not confidence until you let your hands go in the elite level.

That's when it's confidence and cockiness. "What is the difference-maker? A prime example is Keyshawn Davis' The Businessman.' So for him, is it confidence or cockiness? We'll find out on Thursday night".